Onesie Funsie

Now, in this week’s comic I am totally confused by onesies, but that time has passed in real life. Now I get it. But in the beginning, some of these things just don’t make sense. It’s the snaps. You figure it goes down the middle. Snaps on one side, buttons on the other. Then all of a sudden, WHAM, a snap that seems to only connect to another snap!

Boy, all my readers without kids must be loving this one. Well get used to it!

2 responses to “Onesie Funsie

  1. My kid’s 2 and a half. When he was little I used to try and impress him by counting the snaps on his pajamas. Every time he grew into new ones, he got more snaps. Then eventually he got so big they switched to zippers 😦

    • That’s really cute! But honestly, I think I prefer the zipper ones. So much easier! And man, those snaps are powerful. Not like adult snaps. Either everything for babies is super strong or everything for adults is cheap crap.

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