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Nightmare on Baby Street

Everyone I told about the dream in this week’s comic laughed hysterically, so I guess that’s a good thing for my comic, but it really was a sucky dream. You know, dreams are so real, even when they don’t make sense. And the thing is, it’s bad enough to have a shitty mean dog instead of a baby—I’m also allergic.


Not much more to say about this comic.

Memes. Planking. Shuttling. Good times.

Why We’re Screwed

Just to summarize this week’s comic, it’s really easy for politicians—in any nation— to tell people what they want to hear. And what do people want to hear? Not that they’re wrong or they need to change the way they live or make sacrifices. People want to hear that they’re great, that they don’t have to change a thing, and that it’s easy as pie to make things good again. If a politician is forced to acknowledge there are some problems going on, it’s also easy to blame them on someone else, any kind of minority or foreign source that doesn’t have enough voting power for it to matter if they get pissed off.

Of course the Republicans tend to go down this route a lot more than the Democrats do these days—hence the red square guy. But the Democrats aren’t exactly innocent themselves. They do plenty of telling people what they want to hear. So the circle head guy is green, not blue. He’s not really liberal or conservative. He’s just honest, telling it like it is. And most of the time, the truth hurts. That’s why nobody is listening, and why the future is probably going to suck in many ways.

So You Want to Have a Baby

Another baby comic, huh Dustin? Yeah, that’s it. You got a problem with that? Hey, just think of it this way: you’re going to be bombarded with election bullshit for the rest of the year. At least this is different than that. And if you’re a parent or someone who hopes to be one in the future, hopefully you’re getting some extra enjoyment out of these strips.

But anyway, yeah, pregnancy. It ain’t so easy, huh! I mean, ultimately it wasn’t that bad for us to be honest, but still, even two months of misses is enough to start freaking you out, especially when you’re an old fart like me and not a fertile youngster like nature intended for breeding. Sure, there are plenty of people being born in the world, probably too many. So it’s really not that hard for most people apparently. I’m just sayin. There’s a lot of stuff they don’t tell you about when you’re a kid. You’ll see.

Observations of a New Dad

Yeah this one pretty much speaks for itself.

1. I’m bony and not fun to lie on, especially if you only weigh 7 pounds.

2. Sometimes a fart can cure a grumpy baby and it’s pretty awesome when it does because it’s funny and because there’s no more crying.

3. Boobs. I see a lot of em. Also dicks. Well, just one. Not counting my own. You know, it’s amazing how quickly you get used to the diaper thing. Poop. Whatever. And by that I mean diapers on the baby. Diapers on me would be harder to get used to. I think.

4. Baby stuff = sturdy because America = law suits. In this case that’s a good thing.

5. Nursery water. I mean, really? I never would have guessed. I thought water was water. How about a Brita filter. Is that good enough?

6. Yeah. I’m that guy. And it feels kinda good most of the time. At least I don’t live in Park Slope.

Onesie Funsie

Now, in this week’s comic I am totally confused by onesies, but that time has passed in real life. Now I get it. But in the beginning, some of these things just don’t make sense. It’s the snaps. You figure it goes down the middle. Snaps on one side, buttons on the other. Then all of a sudden, WHAM, a snap that seems to only connect to another snap!

Boy, all my readers without kids must be loving this one. Well get used to it!

April fools

In terms of this satire site, I would just like to say this: I think it’s great when anyone is able to make a living through comics. Good for them. However, I also think that the comics is a great art form with a lot of potential— as well as a medium that’s been slow to get its due respect. So I find it frustrating to see so many popular webcomics featuring stick figures, sometimes without even facial expressions. It brings up the question: What is a comic?

Again, nothing wrong with presenting a good joke online. I think a lot of people have been thinking up some pretty funny stuff and are just trying to express themselves in a more visual manner. After all, content is king. But it also seems to me the word “comic” is being thrown around pretty easily these days, and that saddens me since I know just how amazing comics can truly be.