Guide to Weird Baby Names: Boys edition

I’m actually going to follow this comic up with something a little more in depth, but yeah. Baby names. It ain’t easy.

5 responses to “Guide to Weird Baby Names: Boys edition

  1. Bitter Scribe

    As someone with a weird first name, I can tell you: Resist the temptation.

  2. As someone with an insanely common first name, I can tell you: resist the mass hypnosis. (Check it out, I am a Susan, and my maiden name was Miller. You don’t get more anonymous than that!)

    The ones you’re rejecting as too odd – go with that instinct for sure.

    Instead, how about David, Jason, Kai, Matthew, Ian, Lars, Noah, Samuel, or Peter? I know you’ll have lots of choices.

    Good luck finding one!

  3. I’m totally there – with both of you! I think the challenge is finding something in the middle. Something that is a bit more interesting and uncommon than the John or Mary, but at the same time, something that isn’t so weird as to screw up a kid’s life. No one wants to be named Apple or Blanket.

  4. Rycin like whoa, cool story, bro!

    I think “Bronx Mowgli II [the second]” is the perfect balance of modern quirkiness, smug know-it-all-itude, and “new traditions” (by including ‘the second’). And who’s cooler than Ashlee Simpson, seriously! He’ll thank you once he’s in junior high. What out for the mohel though, I read an article about one who transmitted herpes to the baby and it died.

    I think another approach would be a name that sounds like a real name, but is a lesser known proper noun. “Rycin” would be a cool twist in the poison ricin. “Ry” is reminiscent of perennially cool name “Ryan” and the name as a whole kind of sounds like Bryce, cool x cool = Rycin.

    • This is kind of unrelated but when we were in the hospital, our baby didn’t like the light, and a doctor came in and said, “Maybe you have a mogwai on your hands.” Which is close to Mowgli. That’s why I thought of it.

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