Selective Reasoning

This week’s Dustinland comes out of anger at the politicizing of science. People are so inconsistent when it comes to their beliefs. They love all the modern conveniences science brings their lives, but when research points to anything that might disturb their pleasant reality or worldview—or make them actually have to sacrifice something—then science goes out the window.

Well that’s the thing about science. True science doesn’t care. You get some people together, they observe and study things, and then they tell you what they found. Of course science is done by people, so there’s going to be a human element involved. And there is funding to be considered as well. But ultimately, I trust science to tell me the truth about the world—and not just the truth I want to hear.

13 responses to “Selective Reasoning

  1. Maybe for a sequel you could do “selective religion,” about people who luuuuurves them some Catholicism when it comes to birth control and abortion, but don’t want to hear it when the Pope talks about war and capital punishment.

  2. All yall are lyin’, and gettin’ me pissed.

  3. Actually, I think the resistance of humans to change their lifestyle is the driver of science… People want to maintain or increase their consumption of electricity so they innovate new ways to maintain that lifestyle in the face of the #1 threat to the plant: human overpopulation and overconsumption of finite resources. Ahem. *cough*I hate kids*cough*

    I think you are confusing your strongly held beliefs with facts. Thus far, evolution is only a theory. You take that theory as fact. You then view anyone who does not ascribe to your same beliefs as a moron or such.

    Same with global warming. Human-caused global warming is a theory. (You didn’t hear about the solar flare last week right? And the temperature has been the same for billions of years, right? Molten core, what? Volcanoes who? Ice age, wha?) Again, you think human-caused global warming is an indisputable fact, and you think people who don’t believe the same as you as wrong. You are the one with the closed mind.

    • planet not plant! Man, it’s 1:12 am?

    • You misunderstand the point I’m trying to make. My point is this:

      Every day we reap the benefits of science. We love what science has brought to our lives. And science is done by scientists. Now, when scientists present us with theories we don’t want to believe, suddenly many of us choose to dismiss them—their work, their ideas, their morals, and even the scientists themselves. This is not fair. You cannot enjoy the benefits of science every day, then question the consensus of the scientific community when you see fit. If you do, you are a hypocrite.

      In terms of your theory of resisting change leading to innovation, I think you have it quite opposite. I don’t think electricity was invented to keep things the same. I think you mean that people’s drive to constantly maximize ease and convenience in every aspect of life fuels innovation. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s only bad when it causes people to turn a blind eye to the negative consequences. It may be easier for me to rob you than get a job, but that doesn’t make it good for society.

    • You may want to brush up on what a scientific theory is.
      HINT: It’s not guesswork. It’s as close to fact as anything gets.

  4. Why aren’t your comics funny anymore,dammit?!?

  5. crikey, whatever could it be.

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