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Guide to Weird Baby Names: Boys edition

I’m actually going to follow this comic up with something a little more in depth, but yeah. Baby names. It ain’t easy.

Whatever It Takes

I don’t have much to say about this week’s comic, except that Dustin Jr. seems to hate being held in any position that is comfortable for me, yet loves any position that will eventually lead to nerve and bone damage in his poor pep-pep. That may be my fault though, since I am a lanky, bony bastard, and it’s probably not that comfortable lying on me. It’s probably like sleeping on the floor of an apartment that’s right above a boiler room, with a thin carpet that lets you feel all the pipes running underneath the floor. Those would be my ribs.

Really though, when you have something good going on and the little one is suddenly chillin, you’ll do anything to keep it going, even if it means an eventual visit to the chiropractor.

Big News

So, this week’s comic

A few people have remarked that my comics have been a bit less fun lately. Well here’s the thing. I draw my inspiration from my life. That’s where I get all my best ideas from. I’m not really a current events kinda guy on the most part when it comes to this comic. So I’ve had to hold back pretty much every idea for a comic I’ve had over the past year or so. Instead, I have often settled for easy jokes like making fun of Santorum. Which is enjoyable, sure, but there’s something missing. That nugget of truth I like to get at, just like any good comedian does. Not that I’m a comedian but it’s kinda the same thing.

Anyway I have to get back to child rearing but yeah, expect a lot more on this in the future. Not that Dustinland is going to turn into Family Circus, but like I said, I’ve been saving up ideas for a year.

PS It’s a boy!

PPS Insert cliches about how amazing it is to have a child (they’re all true).

Selective Reasoning

This week’s Dustinland comes out of anger at the politicizing of science. People are so inconsistent when it comes to their beliefs. They love all the modern conveniences science brings their lives, but when research points to anything that might disturb their pleasant reality or worldview—or make them actually have to sacrifice something—then science goes out the window.

Well that’s the thing about science. True science doesn’t care. You get some people together, they observe and study things, and then they tell you what they found. Of course science is done by people, so there’s going to be a human element involved. And there is funding to be considered as well. But ultimately, I trust science to tell me the truth about the world—and not just the truth I want to hear.

The ABCs of SXSW

Bubble Puppy. Jonny Corndawg. Not in the Face. Believe it or not, these are all bands playing at SXSW this year. I drew my interpretation of these and 23 others for MTV Hive. And I have to, it was really fun to draw.

A Message From President Santorum

I know Santorum isn’t going to win and we’ll get to watch money bags robot Romney bumble his way through the rest of the presidential election, but I still felt like touching on one of his favorite subjects with this comic. Between him and Limbaugh, it’s really great to see the Republicans once again proving themselves completely out of touch with the majority of Americans. Keep preaching to the hardcore base of nutty right wingers. Keep alienating women. Your party sure has a great future if you keep it up.

As for the final panel, I’m sure I’m not the first one to point out the similarities between the Christianity and Islam—and Judiasm for that matter—when it comes to women. When you get to your harcdore fundamentalists, they all treat women like second class citizens. Makes sense: They all read the same books. And those books were written a long, long time ago.