The Internet Crushes Dreams

I guess I’m being a little bit negative in this Dustinland about how the Internet can suck when it comes to making it big. I mean, obviously, it’s a bit ironic, since I’m using the Internet to make this point. Plus where would I be without the web (which is basically what I allude to at the very end of the strip)?

Well, for one, only bad things are funny. If I did a strip about how great it is when you get rich off the Internet, it probably wouldn’t go over very well. And second, it’s not necessarily the Internet itself that crushes dreams. It’s the Internet that lets people discover their dreams have already been crushed without them knowing. It’s really just the messenger. In many cases.

Also, I know that Angry Birds is significantly better than some of its predecessors for a variety of reasons. However, that doens’t make it any less frustrating for the people who made those other games that were so similar in so many ways.

And lastly, what do you think about the vertical format? I think I like traditional Dustinland more but it’s fun to experiment. I know a lot of people are doing vertically scrolling comics these days. It does allow for a surprise at the end, which is nice. But then it wouldn’t work at all outside the Internet. You know, like on paper. That stuff made from trees.



One response to “The Internet Crushes Dreams

  1. Funny stuff! You’re right about how the Internet merely reduces the time from “I’ve got a great idea!” to “Oh, shit, it’s been done” from months into minutes.

    All told, though, that’s probably a good thing. If your dreams get crushed quicker, it hurts less.

    Consider this a yes vote for the vertical format.

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