Fallacies 101: Part 2

A ways back I did Fallacies 101: Part 1. Here is Part 2. Better late than never.

Hopefully I explained these things right and there aren’t any fallacies in this strip,  since it is not a comic about irony.


4 responses to “Fallacies 101: Part 2

  1. This may constitute an Appeal to Flattery, but I just have to compliment you on getting the phrase “begging the question” right. Practically everyone thinks it means the same thing as “raising the question,” as in, “Jeremy Lin’s success begs the question of what Stoudemire’s role will be once he returns.” This is so prevalent that I predict the proper meaning will eventually disappear.

  2. Ol’ Nana Rose here . . .still lovin’ Dustinland . . . especially when you hit the nails on their heads like you have in both of your Fallacy cartoons! Keep on “Keepin’ On” . . . Love ya, Nana

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