When You’re Older

I was inspired for this comic by my realization that I hate most teenagers. Not teenage Dustinland fans of course. You guys are awesome. I mean the random teenagers I see on the subway, being loud obnoxious dicks, or the teenagers who cross the street in the middle of the block, leisurely strolling in front of my car as if I wasn’t even there. But funny enough, I used to be one of those little bastards myself. And I remember what it felt like. When you’re young, you just don’t care, because EVERYONE is stupid. Especially boring adults with their lame lives and corny problems. Of course now I am an adult and now I appreciate things like a nice, newly painted garage door.

Well, at least some things never change, as shown in the final panel.


3 responses to “When You’re Older

  1. Oh, even for your last panel, things will change. Wait until you hit middle age.

    I knew I was middle-aged when I looked at a sexy teenage girl and my first thought was, “How the hell could her father have let her out of the house dressed like that?”

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