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The Internet Crushes Dreams

I guess I’m being a little bit negative in this Dustinland about how the Internet can suck when it comes to making it big. I mean, obviously, it’s a bit ironic, since I’m using the Internet to make this point. Plus where would I be without the web (which is basically what I allude to at the very end of the strip)?

Well, for one, only bad things are funny. If I did a strip about how great it is when you get rich off the Internet, it probably wouldn’t go over very well. And second, it’s not necessarily the Internet itself that crushes dreams. It’s the Internet that lets people discover their dreams have already been crushed without them knowing. It’s really just the messenger. In many cases.

Also, I know that Angry Birds is significantly better than some of its predecessors for a variety of reasons. However, that doens’t make it any less frustrating for the people who made those other games that were so similar in so many ways.

And lastly, what do you think about the vertical format? I think I like traditional Dustinland more but it’s fun to experiment. I know a lot of people are doing vertically scrolling comics these days. It does allow for a surprise at the end, which is nice. But then it wouldn’t work at all outside the Internet. You know, like on paper. That stuff made from trees.



Everyone in New York is talking about Jeremy Lin. And actually, I was recently in Vancouver, and people were even talking about him there. So I have a feeling pretty much everyone everywhere is talking about him. Or at least everyone who cares about basketball.

In case you don’t know, Jeremy Lin is the new starting point guard for the New York Knicks. A few weeks ago, nobody ever heard of him, besides the few people that follow Ivy League basketball. See, he’s not you’re typical basketball player. He’s a little Asian dude from Cali. It’s his second year in the league. Nobody wanted him. This year he found himself on the Knicks. After an injury or two, he got his chance to play. Turns out he’s really good at basketball. Really, really, really good. 

Regardless of his race or ethnicity, it would have been a big story. But since he’s Asian, that has only added to attention he’s been getting. And that’s what this week’s comic is all about. Kinda.

Fallacies 101: Part 2

A ways back I did Fallacies 101: Part 1. Here is Part 2. Better late than never.

Hopefully I explained these things right and there aren’t any fallacies in this strip,  since it is not a comic about irony.

When You’re Older

I was inspired for this comic by my realization that I hate most teenagers. Not teenage Dustinland fans of course. You guys are awesome. I mean the random teenagers I see on the subway, being loud obnoxious dicks, or the teenagers who cross the street in the middle of the block, leisurely strolling in front of my car as if I wasn’t even there. But funny enough, I used to be one of those little bastards myself. And I remember what it felt like. When you’re young, you just don’t care, because EVERYONE is stupid. Especially boring adults with their lame lives and corny problems. Of course now I am an adult and now I appreciate things like a nice, newly painted garage door.

Well, at least some things never change, as shown in the final panel.

My Mad Men thing is on Gothamist today

So the new poster advertising Mad Men is just a little figure on a huge white background. People are tagging it left and right, and Gothamist had a contest to do your own take on it. I threw one together and it’s up there today. It has a nice Occupy theme to it. Check it out.