Daily Archives: January 30, 2012

A Wittle Bit Sick

This week’s Dustinland was inspired not by one particular couple, but by the shared experience of many, many couples I know. Makes sense though. Kids are young, have no immunity, they eat dirt and stuff, they get sick a lot. And then they get you sick. Pretty straightforward.

Aside from that, panel 4 compares Gwar to David Bowie, not in the musical sense, but in the sense of: Who would you rather have on your side in a fight?

And that tiny copy between the panels? That’s kind of a nod to the old Dustinland strips back during my Binghamton University days. I used to always write in those little spaces. You may not be able to read what it says online since it’s so small, so I’ll tell you: “I know: Don’t drive and call. I only drew this for the sake of storytelling. So zip it, hippie.”