A Modern Diet

Okay, I know what you’re all thinking about this week’s comic: What happened to the plastic covering that was on top of the sandwiches in panel 1?

Really though, the crazy thing is that everything that homeless guy says in this comic is pretty much true, and I actually do try to eat that way, as exhausting as it may seem sometimes. Basically, you can eat whatever you want whenever you want, however, it’s better to eat truly healthy organic food as often as possible, since you’ll get more nutrients and fewer chemicals. So you don’t have to be a nazi about it, but it’s worth the extra money to eat better—if you can afford to that is. Think about it. You’re putting stuff into your body. That’s probably the one time you don’t really want to cut corners, even if it’s cheaper.

That being said, it can be pretty ridiculous sometimes.

7 responses to “A Modern Diet

  1. Dustin I think you just officially hit middle age. I mean being a snobby health freak is one thing, but lecturing randomly about it is a whole other level.

    No boobs, all grey and a plain white shopping bag, bah my mum could have done this comic. Back to the Beano me thinks. http://www.beano.com/

    You got the January blues bro?

  2. and what’s with exploiting the homeless dude? there’s no explanation as to why he’s in the comic.

    I think the homeless guy represents the fact that you want to run away from your life. Whilst the whole attitude of the comic says you miss your mum and want to sleep with her and murder your dad as he is the dull man you have become.

  3. yes, tomland, that would be, like, so awesome. i’d read the shit out of that one. fuck yea, tom, do it, you’re too funny to waste in a comments section.

  4. This could be an episode of “Portlandia.”
    (I think. I’ve never actually seen “Portlandia,” since Comcrap deems the $70 a month I pay for cable not enough to entitle me to IFC. But from descriptions and YouTube snippets I’ve seen, this looks like it could fit right in.)

  5. These guys above just don’t care about you the way I do. They are just leaches.

    • The products of percolation or leakage? Or did you mean “leeches”?

      And I thought you English guys were supposed to be so literate.

      (Sorry, but if you dish out abuse, you get pedantry.)

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