Okay, sure, this is not a very appropriate comic. It’s a bit crude. A bit dirty. But sometimes I think about these major issues and it seems unfair that people can be so wrong and yet face no punishment, even once the truth has been proven. Most of the time, a pretty decent percentage of people take a look at an issue, quickly see how it benefits them in the immediate future, and make a decision based on that. No thought of tomorrow, no considerations of anyone else. Well, there should be some ramifications, don’t you think? It’s the same idea behind forcing pro-war people to join the military. If you think it’s such a great idea, sign up! This is a bit different, but obviously I’m just trying to make a point here. Although really, I think it could have saved us from a lot of trouble over the years. You know, if we could figure out the logistics of it all. That would definitely be pretty tricky.

9 responses to “Jobs

  1. I hope your wife is reading this Dustin she might get the hint, lol.

    People can think of only the short term because they know they will be dead soon. When I’m 75 I’m going to start committing the worst crimes imaginable, what’s it matter if I get caught I’m dead soon anyway.

    New fetish of yours Dustin, blow jobs from old people?

  2. I dibs one of the Fox News blondies!

    (NOT Ann Coulter.)

  3. How dare you go down the British people are so cute path. Though I always knew you wanted my willy.

  4. Just like you guys call condoms “French letters,” right?

    (While the French call them capotes anglaises–English hoods.)

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