Famous Cats: Behind The Scenes

I might as well jump on the Internet cat bandwagon now while it’s still going strong. Some say the trend will never die but I think there has to be cycles. Right now we’re in a pretty heavy cat cycle but it has to peak eventually. Or does it…

5 responses to “Famous Cats: Behind The Scenes

  1. I don’t understand Cat people, Dogs are much better. A cat really couldn’t careless about its owner. A dog would do anything for you. Dogs are a little more work but they pay it you back in love.

    • Cats are funnier to ‘capshun’ than goggies. (Yes, folks, I just wrote that and I have an MBA.)

      I agree though, Tom. I was feeding some strays and a calico bitch clawed me, drawing blood. What demented ingrates.

      Back to the comic, I always knew Maru was a sloshed sex maniac! The secret’s out. It must have been fun to draw cats from all those angles/views, reminds me of mechanical drawing where one would have to mentally rotate an object and draw it from different perspectives.

      • Yeah, cats are definitely funnier. As to which is a better pet… I think you get good things from both. Dogs are more fun at their funnest because you can take them out and play with them in the park and stuff, and that’s awesome. Cats are way easier though, and I think a good cat will be snuggly at home but also do all sorts of weird shit that a dog would never do. I think they need to invent a cog or a dat, something in the middle so you can get the best of both worlds. Sadly, I’m allergic to both, so it doesn’t really matter for me.


    • I saw an amazing Cheezburger post while researching imagery for this comic. It was the Cheezburger cat and it said I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER but HAZ was crossed out and replaced with EARN. It was on some Colbert blog. Political commentary at its best.

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