Heroic New Year’s Resolutions

Not too much to say about this one. Just starting the new year out with some lighthearted silliness before I get back to all the doom and gloom I’m known for. But hey, who knows, maybe this year will be a great year and I can just draw comics about boobs and farts and year. Oh wait, it’s an election year. I guess I’ll still be writing about a bunch boobs but in a different capacity.

3 responses to “Heroic New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Good Comic, will probably be the best one of the year. The election bomb is about to go off any second and the dark side of Dustin can’t wait.

    • I actually hope it’s just a joke and Obama trounces whatever idiot they put up and then I don’t have to spend time dealing with it.

      • If there is a viable republican candidate, he/she will be very similar to Obama. People will then think there is no difference between the two parties and stop voting. If Obama wins it will just be another term of moaning about Obama being not really different to Bush or Clinton or any other corporation / rich lover. Either way it sucks for you Dustin. The only way to change anything is for you to have so many kids yourself that you can swing the election. Have lots of sex to create a better America.

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