2011: Been There, Done That

I love doing these year in review comics at the end of each year. For one, it’s just interesting to take a look back and get a good picture of the last 365 days, see what you’ve already forgotten about and see what sort of trends were going on in the world. Last year I found to be the year social media really took the world by storm so the theme of my comic was all internety. This year was really all about protests and revolution and what not, although I didn’t follow through with that theme in my weird ass comic that I drew while I was a bit silly, if you know what I mean (these things are kinda detailed and need a lot of time to research and draw, and you have to stay entertained somehow, right?).

Oh, and two, I like doing these comics because five or 10 years from now, they’re even more interesting. Kinda like a little time capsule. Good times.

See you in 2012!

9 responses to “2011: Been There, Done That

  1. On the note of time capsuleishness, can you post an easy link to past year in reviews? Im super lazy about finding things while on my cellphone.

  2. Thanks Dustin for all the comics, happy new year etc

  3. Oh snap, son. Your ’03 comic mentioned Bush declaring the Iraq war over! A war that ended for a second time in ’11. Crazy that the same war “ended” twice! Those silly Republicans, it wasn’t over in ’03. I used to be a hardcore conservative, but the Neocons really lost me when they wouldn’t approve the payroll tax cut last recently. I guess because that tax cut benefits the middle class and poor mostly, as social security is a regressive tax, and the wealthy wouldn’t benefit from the tax cut. Grrr.

    Still it made me not like republicans, but with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton and Anthony “Not My” Weiner on the other side of the aisle, I haven’t switched teams, it’s been more like political celibacy.

    Anywho, thanks for all the comics this year. I bet you’ll become a dad in 2012.

    • Well, they did approve the tax cut… eventually. But they made it clear they approved it kicking and screaming.

      • I really do feel bad for normal conservatives with brains. Who can you vote for now that your party has been hijacked by Fox News? The Democrats aren’t great either but at least they’re reasonable. You look at the current crop of Republican presidential candidates and it seems like a bad movie. Definitely a new low for the right.

  4. You know what was the most depressing part of your comic for me? The fact about the top ten grossing movies being either sequels or cartoons. Just when you think pop culture can’t possibly get any dumber…

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