Happy Holidays 2011 Style

Man, after reading this week’s comic I have to say there is something seriously wrong with me. I mean, it is a pretty sweet comic, I must admit, but still… talk about your Debbie Downers. Well, someone has to tell it like it is, right? Hell, Louis C.K. can be pretty depressing and he’s the funniest, hippest comic out there right now. Not that I’m even a tiny fraction as funny as he is but I think I could definitely challenge him in the pessimistic and sad department.

Good times. Enjoy your holidays!

PS I was originally going to make fun of Tea Partiers instead of Libertarians since I actually do like really Libertarians quite a bit even though I think they believe in magic. But this joke just worked out better than a Tea Party guy bitching about his taxes going to Santa’s sleigh subsidies.

6 responses to “Happy Holidays 2011 Style

  1. The only significant downer you left out was the Professional Christians bitching about how someone wished them “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” But I guess you’ve had enough political stuff here lately.

    • Funny you mention this because I touched on that very subject in my weekly email (for those who don’t follow me via RSS, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or messenger pigeon).

  2. All that’s missing is a screaming baby. Bah humbug! Man, I hate people. Overpopulation is the root cause of all the world’s problems.

    • Hi Female, you sinlge? wanna do baby makin stuff with me? promise I will pull out at moment of luvin.

      • I’m not single, your diaper-full-of-shit, booger nose, whining, world-destroying child-propogation dreams will have to be fulfilled with another female. Try a sheep, u won’t need to pull out and no chance of parasite malignancy (pregnancy). Need a global 1 child policy. China got that right.

  3. See Dusty, compared to me, you’re perfectly normal. No need to start a blog post with “I have to say there is something seriously wrong with me.”

    Merry Christmas!

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