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2011: Been There, Done That

I love doing these year in review comics at the end of each year. For one, it’s just interesting to take a look back and get a good picture of the last 365 days, see what you’ve already forgotten about and see what sort of trends were going on in the world. Last year I found to be the year social media really took the world by storm so the theme of my comic was all internety. This year was really all about protests and revolution and what not, although I didn’t follow through with that theme in my weird ass comic that I drew while I was a bit silly, if you know what I mean (these things are kinda detailed and need a lot of time to research and draw, and you have to stay entertained somehow, right?).

Oh, and two, I like doing these comics because five or 10 years from now, they’re even more interesting. Kinda like a little time capsule. Good times.

See you in 2012!

Happy Holidays 2011 Style

Man, after reading this week’s comic I have to say there is something seriously wrong with me. I mean, it is a pretty sweet comic, I must admit, but still… talk about your Debbie Downers. Well, someone has to tell it like it is, right? Hell, Louis C.K. can be pretty depressing and he’s the funniest, hippest comic out there right now. Not that I’m even a tiny fraction as funny as he is but I think I could definitely challenge him in the pessimistic and sad department.

Good times. Enjoy your holidays!

PS I was originally going to make fun of Tea Partiers instead of Libertarians since I actually do like really Libertarians quite a bit even though I think they believe in magic. But this joke just worked out better than a Tea Party guy bitching about his taxes going to Santa’s sleigh subsidies.

Be A Man

I was recently out in the city and was noticing the interactions of some young single whippersnappers and it inspired me to draw this comic. Not because I am some super pimp dating guru, but simply because I remember when I was young and single and stupid, chasing after girls and not understanding why things weren’t working out. For most dudes, it takes a while to have that realization that you have to be more than just a “nice guy.” Of course, this is only part of the puzzle, because like I show in the comic, the reaction to this realization can result in major asshole-itude. It’s subtle. It’s something that can’t be told to you. It’s something that comes with age — hopefully. So as fun as it is to imagine what if some future me could have traveled back in time and dropped all this knowledge on younger me, there’s a good chance it wouldn’t have made one bit of difference.

Movember Reign

Like I said in the comic, having a mustache was awesome.