Real Gangstas

The dude in this week’s Dustinland actually lived a block from my old apartment so I don’t see him anymore, but I used to see him all the time, walking his mom’s little fluffy dog, which was actually way more wimpy than the one I drew. I just couldn’t even capture how puny and girlie it was.

It’s hard to be a tough guy with a small dog unless you’re some sort of Dr. Evil type kingpin.

2 responses to “Real Gangstas

  1. Maybe he tells people that he uses the tiny dog as bait for his real dog, or something.

    • I like to imagine every time his mom makes him walk the dog, and he has to argue with her and then she hits him with a shoe or something and he say “yes mam, sorry mam” and then has to pause his game of Call of Duty 17 and put on his puffy jacket.

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