The Kiss

Not a lot to say about this Dustinland, besides the fact that I really love anticpation that goes unfulfilled. Years back there was this site called ThreeBrain that got a moment of mini internet fame for a weird music video about a squirrel and gonads. There was a great flash video up there — a cartoon where this dude is about to eat an ice cream cone and you want him to eat it so bad and it gets so close and then creates a loop and he never ever gets to taste it. This is kinda like my version of that. In a perfect world this comic would have scrolled on and on for pages and pages but I don’t have that much time. But yeah, I’m weird. That too.

7 responses to “The Kiss

  1. Dustin you pervert!

  2. This reminds me a little of that extended lead-in on “The Simpsons” that takes things down to the sub-molecular level.

    (And yes, I’m aware that it’s uncool to still like “The Simpsons.” I don’t care. The worst episode of “The Simpsons” is still funnier than the best one of “South Park.”)

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