Daily Archives: November 14, 2011

The Kiss

Not a lot to say about this Dustinland, besides the fact that I really love anticpation that goes unfulfilled. Years back there was this site called ThreeBrain that got a moment of mini internet fame for a weird music video about a squirrel and gonads. There was a great flash video up there — a cartoon where this dude is about to eat an ice cream cone and you want him to eat it so bad and it gets so close and then creates a loop and he never ever gets to taste it. This is kinda like my version of that. In a perfect world this comic would have scrolled on and on for pages and pages but I don’t have that much time. But yeah, I’m weird. That too.

Love from one of the Big 4: Anthrax weighs in on one of my drawings

Scott Ian from Anthrax tweeted about dreaming of Aliens only to wake up to farts. I drew this scenario for MTV. They tweeted it. Scott Ian retweeted it. After all these years… finally some acceptance into the metal community. Well, I’m glad he liked the drawing, because there’s always room for one more…