Outta This World Earnings

This week’s Dustinland is sure to get some haters so let me diffuse that with some quick explanations. I know that some people in finance actually have very productive jobs that help move the economy and therefore supply jobs and other nice things to millions of people. However, there are also people in finance who play math games to make huge profits doing nothing very productive, not to mention those who knowingly lie to others in order to profit off their misfortune. That’s who I’m talking about here.

The real shame is that obviously most of these 1%ers are quite smart. And sadly, finance has become so lucrative, our brightest minds are now being drawn to this not necessarily productive part of society, rather than using their smarts to benefit mankind. Yes, it’s a free country, in theory at least, so people should be able to do what they want. But thankfully that also includes writing and drawing comics that express a desire for a world where saving another person’s life would be better rewarded than trading bundled packages of other people’s debt.

11 responses to “Outta This World Earnings

  1. “I am a medical doctor, I graduated from the finest institutions of higher education, and to earn a living, I am a cosmetic surgeon. I charge people tens of thousands of dollars to inject them with poisonous substances such as silicone and botox, and I play into their insecurities and perpetuate a world where people are judged by their looks, not the contents of their characters. I am a doctor.”

    “I am a CEO of a cruise line. I am in charge of huge floating cities that pollute not only the air, but dump millions of gallons of raw sewage into tropical waters every day. We aim to kill every living thing in the ocean, spread disease onboard, and pollute the air. I am CruiseMan.”

    “I am a tuna fisherman. To make money, I set out huge nets that trap and kill sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and sharks. I kill these turtles and intelligent mammals because they’re just collateral damage.”

    It’s easy to hop on the “I hate Wall St!” bandwagon if you’re filled up with resentment and jealousy, but lack vision and the ability to see the truth.

    • Why would I be jealous? I could have gone that route. I know a lot of people that did. It’s not for me. Money is nice but I personally would not enjoy spending my entire life trading derivatives. I have a pretty great life actually and I’m proud of it.

      As for my criticism of Wall St, again, it seems pretty hard to argue with the fact that a lot of shady dealings have been going on down there in the last decade or so—in fact straight up crimes. Don’t take my word for it. Read pretty much anything by Greg Palast or Matt Taibbi.

      • I guess you missed the point – Wall St. isn’t the only “morally” challenged industry, it’s just popular to pick on them now. How about all the politicians and their shady deals with oil companies? Releasing the Lockerbie bomber in exchange for a BP contract? This comic came across as resentful, and no, you would not have succeeded if you tried to be a derivatives trader.

      • I just don’t see how someone can pick on people who make money on money, and overlook fisherman who kill millions of sea turtles, marine mammals, sharks, etc; and overlook cruise ships that idle huge diesel engines and dump millions of gallons of raw sewage in the ocean, and plastic surgeons who make things worse for people instead of helping them, which in violation of the Hippocratic oath. I view the latter as being infinitely worse than the former. Being a market maker isn’t illegal. The reason the bottom fell out of the CDO market was because people defaulted on their mortgages. If those people, who bought the houses under false pretenses and out of greed, didn’t default, those CDOs would not have been made worth less, and companies wouldn’t have had their credit ratings downgraded – which happened because they had to recognize their CDO assets at fair value, which in turn led to huge losses through the income statement. This wasn’t even fair to begin with, because most companies intended to hold their CDOs – they weren’t trading securities which traditionally had been recognized at fair value according to GAAP – and would only recognize gain or losses when realized – at the time of sale or disposal. I don’t view Wall St. as the culprit – I view greedy people lying on mortgage apps, taking out home equity lines of credit, and their overspending as the core problems. And the same people have a sense of entitlement – they expect to graduate from college with no marketable skills and get $80,000/year jobs and live comfortably while they contribute nothing and are only good at video games, smoking pot, and pop culture trivia. I guess we have to agree to disagree. 🙂

  2. “I am a mother, and I propagate the human parasite because I want my offspring’s refuse to pollute the world for hundreds of years to come, and to permanently upset the ecological balance of life. I purchase plastic toys for Jr. that degrade into estrogens which disrupt every other organism on Earth. But I don’t give a fuck! More of me! me! me!”



  3. McGuest, what truth is that?

    • The truth that “moral misdeeds” are NOT solely committed by financiers. People like to think of themselves as being morally superior to others, like Dustin looking down on people who work in finance. One could look at almost every other profession and see moral wrongdoings, law-breaking, and limited value of the “services” provided. Police? Plastic surgeons? Humans are vain, and EVERYTHING human do is at the expense of every other living thing on this planet. Enjoy brisket? Do you have any idea how much environmental degradation it took to bring that beef to your lips? Like that gas in your Prius? Know how many laws oil companies broke to bring that your tank? Like your electric car? Know how much coal was mined and burned to produce that electric? Instead of bitching and moaning, be innovative and follow the law and be moral. Can’t afford that house? Don’t lie on a mortgage application, then walk away when you don’t feel like paying anymore. Can’t afford to buy that TV? Don’t charge it then walk away from your credit card bills. People who do that are the real criminals. Don’t like math, science, and business? Then don’t bitch about people who make money when you don’t because you majored in history and are useless.

      • Hey buddy, you can’t claim to be taking the high road and then insult people at the same time.

        If you want to make a claim that everyone who works on Wall St is a saint, fine. Make your point. But don’t come on here calling other people stupid or jealous. It just makes you look like the bitter one, not me, not FedUP, or anyone else.

        Furthermore, if you want to defend your industry, defend it on its own merits, not with fallacies that say “Oh, so what if finance is evil? Other people are evil too!”

  4. Ever read the passage in “The Bonfire of the Vanities” where the Wall Street hotshot tries to explain to his little daughter just what he does for a living? Hilarious. I crack it open every time I need a smile. (And I don’t even like Tom Wolfe all that much.)

    • I love that book. The whole thing. Captures so many aspects of NYC so perfectly. I mean, an older NYC obviously but still. Masters of The Universe. Pretty incredible.

  5. McGuest go have an angry wank somewhere. Just cos your mom didn’t love you, no need to take it out on Dustin.

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