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Today’s Standings

Now, some may say I am being a little tough on Obama and the Democrats with this comic. But for one, there are plenty of forces pushing the Democrats to be more conservative. I try to be a voice that pushes them to be more progressive. And second, while Obama may have enacted some actually pretty decent legislation considering the situation he’s had to deal with, this isn’t the time to sit back and celebrate and say “Hey, great job! Obama is way better than Bush — the worst president we’ve ever had! And hey, he’s better than Clinton, a president whose fiscal politics could have been mistaken for a traditional Republican’s in many instances!” There is so much at stake right now, for the U.S. and for the world. For the future of mankind — and I mean that quite literally — that we need to push our leaders in the right direction. HARD.

The system is broken. And we need a voice to fix it. The conservative side of this country has been destroyed and is no longer reasonable. It is simply a propaganda machine that uses lies to steal from the poor and give to the rich and it will destroy us if we don’t do something about it. I truly do feel bad for non-evil conservatives with brains, many of whom have been complaining quite publicly as of late. But saving the Republican party is not my goal. Saving the Democratic party is.

We need to counteract the destructive lies coming from the right. It’s more than the legislation — it’s the message. The right is lying, over and over again, and too often the politicians that supposedly represent the left, rather than attacking these lies instead seem nervous to offend anyone who believes them. And while there is certainly an argument for calm reason over vitriolic rhetoric, we don’t have the time to allow more innocent people to be swayed into believing in the nonsense, half truths and downright fiction repeated ad nauseum by those who would willingly let the country be destroyed if it meant a few more bucks for them. In fact, that pretty much seems to be the Republican game plan, especially when the White House is occupied by a Democrat.

Yes, we need to accomplish things, not just talk. But we also need to control the conversation. It’s a tough mission. But that’s what our elected officials are there for. No one said it would be easy. So don’t tell me I’m too harsh on the party that’s supposed to be representing me. These aren’t athletes. It isn’t a game on the line. It’s our future.

Real Gangstas

The dude in this week’s Dustinland actually lived a block from my old apartment so I don’t see him anymore, but I used to see him all the time, walking his mom’s little fluffy dog, which was actually way more wimpy than the one I drew. I just couldn’t even capture how puny and girlie it was.

It’s hard to be a tough guy with a small dog unless you’re some sort of Dr. Evil type kingpin.

Rockstar Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

A bunch of indie rockstar types sent some Thanksgiving recipes to my peeps at MTV Hive. I drew them and their dishes and made some sweet recipe cards out of them. Check em out here.

The full cast: Kidz in the Hall, Tune Yards, Marissa Nadler, A Place To Bury Strangers, Clams Casino, Jonathan Coulton, Escort, as well as Matt Pinfield and the glamorous MTV Hive editors.

The Kiss

Not a lot to say about this Dustinland, besides the fact that I really love anticpation that goes unfulfilled. Years back there was this site called ThreeBrain that got a moment of mini internet fame for a weird music video about a squirrel and gonads. There was a great flash video up there — a cartoon where this dude is about to eat an ice cream cone and you want him to eat it so bad and it gets so close and then creates a loop and he never ever gets to taste it. This is kinda like my version of that. In a perfect world this comic would have scrolled on and on for pages and pages but I don’t have that much time. But yeah, I’m weird. That too.

Love from one of the Big 4: Anthrax weighs in on one of my drawings

Scott Ian from Anthrax tweeted about dreaming of Aliens only to wake up to farts. I drew this scenario for MTV. They tweeted it. Scott Ian retweeted it. After all these years… finally some acceptance into the metal community. Well, I’m glad he liked the drawing, because there’s always room for one more…

So Lou Reed walks into a Starbucks…

Okay. Tom Scharpling hosts a radio show called The Best Show on WFMU. He recently tweeted up a story about how he was in a Starbucks and Lou Reed walked in and did all sorts of Lou Reed things. This story is probably not true, but I illustrated it for MTV Hive anyway.

*Tom tweeted the story and L Magazine ran a nice little piece about it. Thanks L! I knew Williamsburg would pay off eventually. **Done Waiting ran it too.

Outta This World Earnings

This week’s Dustinland is sure to get some haters so let me diffuse that with some quick explanations. I know that some people in finance actually have very productive jobs that help move the economy and therefore supply jobs and other nice things to millions of people. However, there are also people in finance who play math games to make huge profits doing nothing very productive, not to mention those who knowingly lie to others in order to profit off their misfortune. That’s who I’m talking about here.

The real shame is that obviously most of these 1%ers are quite smart. And sadly, finance has become so lucrative, our brightest minds are now being drawn to this not necessarily productive part of society, rather than using their smarts to benefit mankind. Yes, it’s a free country, in theory at least, so people should be able to do what they want. But thankfully that also includes writing and drawing comics that express a desire for a world where saving another person’s life would be better rewarded than trading bundled packages of other people’s debt.