Re-TAR-ded: Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Yes, it’s Halloween, but more importantly, it’s also less than a week away from a major protest about a very important issue that no one seems to be talking about. I don’t need to say anymore than I did in this week’s comic, but please, check out the sites I linked to under the comic for more info and to see if you can help in any way.

Honestly, I will be shocked if this thing doesn’t happen. First of all, eventually we’ll have another Republican president, and he will definitely give a pipeline the okay. As for Obama, well it will be an interesting test on where he stands. Leading into the election, I think he will approve it because otherwise they’ll attack him for being “anti-job” and for “keeping us reliant on Mid East oil” even though most of the oil will wind up being sold on the global market to countries in Europe and South America. Anyway, good for all the people in Nebraska who are fighting this thing. We learned hard lessons about oil and gas companies in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. Do we need to learn yet another lesson right in the middle of America’s heartland?

7 responses to “Re-TAR-ded: Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

  1. I’m surprised the Canadians are going along with this. It’s their environment, after all.

  2. Oh, and for anyone who intends to break Dustin’s chops for making a pun on “retarded”: Please don’t. It’s tiresome.

    • Thanks for that! I almost didn’t give it that title but I thought I needed to rope people into reading a serious article by using a silly title. I try to avoid preaching to the choir if I can, at least a little bit.

  3. Glad you are writing about something relevant and important. This is something people should protest. But I guess that part of Canada, and Nebraska, aren’t trendy enough to care about or occupy.

    I’m sure all of those CFA charterholders, Wharton and Stanford grads are totally re-thinking their whole life and throwing away everything they’ve learned because some herpes and lice infested kid from Iowa is f*cuking some skanky ho in a tent in downtown Manhattan.

  4. I drove through Alberta and BC this summer and hit some of the oil production areas. For miles and miles there were signs reading “Poison gas! Do not pull over!” and one of the towns smelled like a gas station. Then entire town, without rolling down the windows or stopping, smelled like gas. Finding safe camping was an issue and the swaths of cleared land were prominent. It’s already pretty disgusting up there.

    • That’s the thing. Of course energy comes at a price, even clean energy. But when you experience something like that first hand, you wonder if it’s really worth it. The destruction of so much land… and really, did it look like any of it was about to be “reclaimed?”

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