Daily Archives: October 24, 2011

Questlove tweets about Dustinland (kinda)

Okay not Dustinland, BUT, I drew this picture for MTV Hive. It’s an illustration of one of Questlove’s recent tweets. MTV Hive then tweeted about my drawing. Questlove then tweeted about it himself. So ultimately, Questlove retweeted a tweet about a drawing about his own tweet, but either way, he’s talking about my drawing, so that’s pretty cool. High five everyone! I’m the Jimmy Fallon of webcomics.

Happy Ho-lloween

I was going to draw a comic about protesting the Tar Sands pipeline but I will save that for a more appropriate time… in the near future closer to a big protest date. Instead, here is something about boobs and a horse.

Chicks dressing up slutty is nothing new to Halloween, although judging by some of the costumes on sale these days, the whole sex aspect seems to be getting played up more — by both men and women actually. Maybe there are just more douche bags out there… maybe people just want attention. Hey, fine by me. If you want to show off your pumpkins all night, go for it.