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Re-TAR-ded: Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Yes, it’s Halloween, but more importantly, it’s also less than a week away from a major protest about a very important issue that no one seems to be talking about. I don’t need to say anymore than I did in this week’s comic, but please, check out the sites I linked to under the comic for more info and to see if you can help in any way.

Honestly, I will be shocked if this thing doesn’t happen. First of all, eventually we’ll have another Republican president, and he will definitely give a pipeline the okay. As for Obama, well it will be an interesting test on where he stands. Leading into the election, I think he will approve it because otherwise they’ll attack him for being “anti-job” and for “keeping us reliant on Mid East oil” even though most of the oil will wind up being sold on the global market to countries in Europe and South America. Anyway, good for all the people in Nebraska who are fighting this thing. We learned hard lessons about oil and gas companies in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. Do we need to learn yet another lesson right in the middle of America’s heartland?

Questlove tweets about Dustinland (kinda)

Okay not Dustinland, BUT, I drew this picture for MTV Hive. It’s an illustration of one of Questlove’s recent tweets. MTV Hive then tweeted about my drawing. Questlove then tweeted about it himself. So ultimately, Questlove retweeted a tweet about a drawing about his own tweet, but either way, he’s talking about my drawing, so that’s pretty cool. High five everyone! I’m the Jimmy Fallon of webcomics.

Happy Ho-lloween

I was going to draw a comic about protesting the Tar Sands pipeline but I will save that for a more appropriate time… in the near future closer to a big protest date. Instead, here is something about boobs and a horse.

Chicks dressing up slutty is nothing new to Halloween, although judging by some of the costumes on sale these days, the whole sex aspect seems to be getting played up more — by both men and women actually. Maybe there are just more douche bags out there… maybe people just want attention. Hey, fine by me. If you want to show off your pumpkins all night, go for it.


I know the whole world is protesting right now but I don’t have anything original to say so I did this comic about Legos. Maybe next week I’ll get political again but it’s hard to say something new when a million people are blogging about it every second.

But yeah, I love me some Legos. If I had kids I would totally wait until they fell asleep just to play with all their Legos and build cool shit and then not let them take anything apart the next day. Back in the day I used to go the annual Toy Fair for work and I got to go to the Lego showroom where they’d have every single item from the upcoming year built and on display, along with some more statue type pieces lying around to impress people. Pretty fun stuff.


Occupy Wall Street: Nothing Lasts Forever

If you’re a regular fan, you know by now that I’m a pretty pessimistic guy (some may say realistic but in a sense, that comment right there is pessimism in itself). But sometimes people look to art for inspiration. And that’s what this week’s Dustinland is about. A little something inspiring for all those people out there protesting injustices around the world and trying to actually make some real change happen for once.

I think Egypt proved that protest can in fact make a difference, even in today’s modern world, and despite the continuing troubles they’re having over there, it’s still a good example for us here: If a country like Egypt can eject a military commander from office after 30 years, a supposed democracy like ours should be able to redefine our electoral and political process just enough to prevent corporate interests from counteracting the will of the people. In a sense, fighting corporate money in politics is even harder than ousting a single politician, but Occupy Wall Street has already made a good start just by getting their point out there and opening up the discussion.

Regarding my comparisons between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, it’s pretty clear that this is an interesting time in our country’s recent history. People on both sides of the political divide have had it with their supposed representatives in government, and are starting to say “Fine, if the Republicans or the Democrats won’t truly stand up for what I believe in and accomplish something, then I’ll get up there myself and make something happen without them.” As for the phony politicians and FOX News “conservatives” who are putting down Occupy Wall Street, you’re making a big mistake. Most people in this country don’t have a ton of sympathy for the people behind the financial meltdown. So if you want to stick up for them, go for it. See where that gets you.

Rex in the City online MAD Magazine’s blog

For the first time ever Rex in the City—my strip for MAD Magazine—is online. Check it out here!

Anatomy of a Bro

Man, freaking bros. You know, sometimes you have to appreciate their enthusiasm. But usually you just want to punch them in the face. For instance, I was recently at a very special concert. It was very hard to get tickets. They cost a lot. The band rarely ever plays venues of this tiny size. And yet somehow the place was full of bros…. talking (or shouting) over every song that wasn’t one of the band’s bigger hits, especially the quieter songs. It was so bad, the crowd was consistently having to SHHH them down, to no effect, and the massive bro-itude was even mentioned by multiple media sources in their reviews of the show.

I think my main problem with bros is their obliviousness to others. Or perhaps they aren’t oblivious, and even worse, are just plain rude. Hey, you want to go out, have a good time? That’s awesome. Hell, sometimes it’s better to be around a bunch of hard-partying happy bros than a crowd of grumpy, snarky, emotionless hipsters. But at least the hipsters tend to have decent taste and some respect for art. Of course I’m generalizing here but yeah, bros, just give it a rest once in a while. We can all hear what you’re saying, and we don’t care.