Daily Archives: September 30, 2011

Radiohead at Roseland

I usually don’t do concert reviews on here but I went to see Radiohead last night and I felt like it was something worth discussing. So I won’t be doing this sort of thing on a regular basis here but… here it goes.

So of course it was an amazing show. It was Radiohead in a 2,500 capacity theater. But the interesting thing with Radiohead is that they may be the only band I know that can do 2 hours of fantastic songs without one bad one, and I can still say I’ve seen them do better shows.

What’s crazy about them is that they have so many good songs, they can just seemingly pull them out at random from every album and it works every time. Most bands you can predict a certain amount of songs in the set—they “have to” do this track, you know they’ll end with that track, they haven’t done ______ yet so it must be coming up in the encore etc… With Radiohead you really can’t do that. You can’t even say “I will be bummed if they don’t do “X” because they have at least 20 songs that could be considered must-do epics.

But the thing is, when they are really rolling, as Colbert said this week, “Radiohead can make you completely lose your shit.” And they certainly had those moments last night. But then there are also some moments with newer songs that were like “that was a really good song,” but maybe not something that made me completely go insane and forget I was even at a show. For most bands you can’t expect an entire show like that, but with Radiohead, I have seen them play shows where EVERY song was at that level. After those shows, you walk out elated. On a higher level. Inspired. Mind blown. The last few times I’ve seen Radiohead, I didn’t quite get there. I’ve just been brought me to the point of “wow, that was a great show.” And what’s crazy is that most of the new songs are great live. Better than they are on the album.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I am getting older and I will never feel that way at a show again. Maybe I’ve just seen Radiohead so many times that the magic has worn off a bit. Can seeing a band for the seventh time ever be as good as seeing them for the first or second time? Maybe not. And again, I’m not complaining. This was an amazing show, worth every penny, and probably will be the best show I saw all year. I guess it just says something about Radiohead when they can be better than every other band but still not top themselves.

***PS also a lot of douche bros were talking through the show and that was a huge bummer and something I may take on in comic form soon.

****Radiohead haters, please refrain from the expected hater comments. No one cares.