Last Goodbye

This comic is completely true. I mean, not the part about my tapes literally talking to me, but perhaps figuratively. I mean, I couldn’t listen to a tape if I wanted to, yet still I have plenty of them packed up in the garage. I can’t throw them out. Yes, I binged and purged, got rid of about half of them. But still, those seminal tapes, the albums of my youth, the mixtapes I listened to over and over again… how can I just throw them away?

The shame is that now I can love an album and not even know what the cover art looks like. Something is definitely lost there. Not “owning” your music anymore… it’s hard to put a finger on it, it’s easy to just chalk it all up to the ol’ “things were better in my day” thing, but still, I think there’s something to it. Something missing.

6 responses to “Last Goodbye

  1. i suggest a usb cassette player. i got one for under 40 bucks, you can digitize your cassettes, or just use it like a walkman. i could never get rid of all the local metal demo tapes i picked up in high school.

  2. I got you beat, pal. Not only do I still have a VCR, it’s still hooked up to my TV.

    • Wow – you win. I have a VCR but it’s not hooked up and just sits there doing nothing. I don’t even know why I still have it. But can you play tapes? That’s the relevant question here.

      • Oh yeah. In fact, I play more tapes than DVDs.

        I’ll probably complete my move to DVDs about the time when everybody else abandons them in favor of streaming, or whatever the next wave is.

  3. Hipster Bullshit, eh? http//

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