Helmet Head

This week’s Dustinland is pretty much what went down in real life when I recently picked up a bike at a garage sale. Unfortunately my wife is probably right. It just really does feel doofy riding around with a helmet on, especially when pretty much everyone I pass in my neighborhood is riding without one. But it’s true, even without commuting, all it takes is one accident, one stupid driver to put a dent in your head that could leave you unable to do anything but eat soup for the next 50 years.

This situation definitely made me feel like a little kid again though. “But come on, I don’t want to wear a wool winter hat! It makes me look stupid! None of the other kids wear them!”

7 responses to “Helmet Head

  1. Don’t feel doofy! I think people riding without helmets are morons. You think your skull is harder than concrete?

  2. FWIW, Dustin, when I see a cyclist with a helmet, I don’t think “what a doofus.” I think “there’s someone who is really into cycling–good for them.”

  3. Been hit by a car twice. The second time I smashed my head on the hood. I live in suburbia. Wear a helmet.

  4. Dustin, you should try a Bern helmet. They make some very simple, non-dorky helmets that come in neutral colors.

  5. Hey D.!
    Helmets are really annoying, but indeed, if you fall of the bike, they’ll save you. Prevention is better than regretting. Here in Croatia police can fine people (300 HRK, it’s about 55$) for not wearing it!
    But advice to look OK – instead of that “only covers top of my head” helmet, get some better looking – like, one of those made for bikers, which covers whole head, and gives you SF look 😀 (also it makes you to look like very dangerous guy :D).

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