So You Want Advice

I actually tackled the topic of this week’s Dustinland sometime back in 2007. Of course I didn’t realize that until after I finished drawing this latest strip. But I really do think this is a much improved comic so I took down the older one. Why did I wind up touching on the same topic twice? Well, for one, it’s a pretty universal truth that has most likely been going on for thousands of years, and probably will continue on into the future unless we evolve into higher beings or destroy ourselves (Doomsday Dusty at your service once again). But what really got me thinking about this again was a conversation I had with a cab driver. Who knew?

* Can anyone recognize what movie inspired the drawing in panel No. 3? Bonus points if you do!

5 responses to “So You Want Advice

  1. Reminds me of Dick Richie and Floyd in True Romance.

  2. Ouch. For me personally, the timing of this comic could not have been better (or worse, depending on how you look at it).

    My dilemma is financial, not romantic: I’m thinking of leading a lot of money to someone in need. There are about 10 million reasons why I shouldn’t, and I’m trying to heed them.

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