The World According To An Alcoholic Redux

Okay, so this comic about alcohol is making the rounds again, this time internationally, and I have to say pretty much the same thing I said last time, judging by some of the comments I have been getting:



The joke is, this is how a sloppy drunk sees the world! Not an alcohol aficionado! This comic is also making fun of these maps you see all over the internet which harshly and stupidly generalize the world.

FUCK. I know I shouldn’t fight comments on the internet because that’s like playing Whack-a-Mole with an infinite amount of moles and a toothpick for a hammer, but there are only so many times I can see someone post about how stupid I am, how little I know about alcohol etc… Some dude even emailed me today to lecture me about how Chilean wine is preferable to Argentinean wine! I mean, he was nice about it and all but still, holy shit. This comic was something I drew in a few minutes as a joke. People are taking it pretty damn seriously. Must be partially my fault.

Anyway, I made a it into a poster, so buy it now if you like it, or buy it now if you hate it then burn it or throw it in the ocean.

5 responses to “The World According To An Alcoholic Redux

  1. Well, people are laughing-crying out loud on this pic. It’s epic.
    Btw on page, first pic is only partial, but second has “DUSTINLAND PRESENTS” stamp on it ;D
    As is most popular news website here (despite I have reasons to hate them…), you got your promotion. Also, when you did strip about us months ago, it was presented in every single news website…dude, as we have little language barriers, and languages around are similar, you got potential >15 million viewers…isn’t internet awesome? šŸ˜€

  2. P.S. we’re all alcoholic, so it’s not a bad idea ;D

  3. Awesome video, gonna spread the word šŸ˜‰

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