9/11: Ten Years After

My wife was surprised when I told her I was covering this topic, since it’s such become such a played out, political, media whore type thing, but it was (obviously) a really significant event, especially for those of us living in NYC at the time. So why let the Rudy Guiliani’s of the world take control of history?

I tried not to be overtly political with this strip, although I did subtly suggest that my reaction was not to cower in fear and blindly support war against everyone, starting with Iraq, but rather to try and work for a better future where we don’t run around destroying other nations and making even more enemies. Of course you can say, “Big deal Dustin, you went to some protests. What does that ever do?” Well, as you can see, in Egypt, protests did a lot. The thing is, there you had a huge percentage of the population demonstrating, and not leaving until there was some sort of concrete result. We haven’t had that here in a long time. But you know what? In order to get 50%, 60%, 70% of the people out on the streets, you have to start out with 1%, 5%, or 10% of the people. I’m happy to have been part of that small percentage, and I’d gladly do it again for the right cause. Hopefully next time more people will be there.

Also, in case there’s any question, I bought that T-shirt because it was so ridiculous, not because I think it’s awesome and like to wear it. There was an even worse one I could have got that said “9/11: I can’t believe I survived” but that was too much, even for me.

2 responses to “9/11: Ten Years After

  1. Good, thoughtful comic. Thanks.

  2. I saw the first tower go down on the ABC jumbo screen as well. Good times!

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