If this gets more hits than my Hurricane Irene weekend live comic, I will be pissed. I mean, I like hits but still, what does that say about the internet and comics? Have you ever heard of someone live comic-ing anything? Really? I’m not saying for sure I’m the first person to do it, but I certainly haven’t heard anyone else do it. And rage comics don’t count.

So yeah, I should get some props here. But noooooo… people would rather have comics with a handful of panels and stick figures so they can read it in 15 seconds. Yeah, I know how it is these days. IM ON THE COMPUTER BUSY BUSY BUSY NEED FAST LOLZ BACK TO WORK. But still, live storm comic. Come on man. People gotta recognize a little innovation when it happens.

Eh, maybe it just wasn’t funny. Well, enjoy your vajazzling.

9 responses to “Vajazzle

  1. Well, I couldn’t seem to follow it live, but props for doing it. I’m able to read it now, not the same effect, but it’s cool.

  2. As a fellow east-coaster, I liked the live comic. Boston didn’t get it nearly as bad as New York, but we were outside moving all morning as the city was getting hammered.

  3. I understand Bloomberg is getting some shit for “panicking” by urging evacuation. Of course, the same idiots who are giving him shit would be screaming their heads off about his incompetence if the storm actually had done lots of damage.

    • Yeah you can’t win as a politician. But I think he had to be extra cautious after he bungled the blizzard last winter. And anyway, isn’t it better to be safe and merely inconvenienced, rather than take a chance and then be dead?

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