Tinnitus Blues

So, when reading this week’s Dustinland, keep in mind that I only hear a very subtle ringing in total silence. I’m not like Pete Townshend or anything. It still sucks though. Like, I’d rather sleep to the sound crickets or wind in the trees or even a fan than absolute silence. Although many people with perfect hearing might say the same thing. But yeah, all you kids out there, just bring earplugs to shows and chill with your earbuds. There’s loud, and then there’s you’re gonna regret it for the rest of your life.

3 responses to “Tinnitus Blues

  1. My hearing goes in and out from that too. It doesn’t happen often, but it sucks when it does. Like one ear will stop hearing and just ring for a minute. I used to wear earplugs at shows, but take them out when the band I wanted to see came on. Or when songs I really cared for came on. I guess it helped to an extent.

  2. Yeah, once in a while I hear a sudden tone in one ear and it lasts for like 20 seconds and then goes away. Not to often. Usually it’s just that high ringing when it’s real quiet. See, the key is, stick in those earplugs, then pull them out just a little bit. That way you are protected but can still actually hear the music. If you do it right you will know after you leave the show because you won’t feel like you have to shout every time you want to say something.

  3. Fellows, get some high quality earplugs! Not those yellow things made for industrial workers. You can get plugs that are molded to your ear, and dampens sound evenly across the frequency band 15-20 dB. Best $150 ever spent…

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