This week’s Dustinland can be viewed either as a silly little joke or a really deep statement about life. Or both. Either way, it didn’t take very long to draw and that helps because I had to work over the weekend. Hey, come on guys, cut me some slack.

4 responses to “Bliss

  1. Don ‘t worry, Dustin, they’re not laughing at you, they’re laughing with you.

    (Seriously…have you ever wanted to punch out anyone who said that?)

  2. Punching is fun although it can hurt your fist.

    Once this guy was talking to me while eating pretzels and my friend passed me a note that said “chew = horse” and I looked at the guy and realized he looked exactly at a horse, and was trying not to laugh and then finally he made a stupid joke and me and my friend busted out laughing really hard and the guy was so proud because he thought he was being hilarious and didn’t realize he was Mr. horse face man.

  3. It’s a deep statement about life, humanity is one pathetic bag of horse poop. I randomly laugh out loud at people, when they ask me what I’m laughing at I just tell them I’m laughing at this internet comic Dustinland (hope non of them read the blog). All the time laughing at people, it’s either that or spit in their tea. Haha and they think I’m really nice making them tea all the time. Trust no one, until they have really been put in a situation that proves you can really trust them. Girls hire a hooker to test your boyfriend etc. People suck, how one human can love another human is beyond me. I’m all down with forbidden Otter love myself, it’s great no lube needed.

    If you get a free hooker this weekend Dustin, you owe me man!

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