Talkin’ ‘Bout ‘Merica

I wanted to do a political Dustinland this week, but once I get going I don’t know when to stop. Plus it’s too depressing. I don’t even really have a point anymore. It’s gotten so bad, my point is just this: Things are fucked. Really, when I say the future looks dim, I mean it. This is some serious shit we’re in. It’s not a joke. So the best I could do was kinda turn this into a sports joke really. You know, I think the Mets are actually in better shape than the country, and that’s saying a lot right there, considering everything the Mets do seems to turn to poop. But at least they’re occasionally fun to watch and win about half the time. The U.S. is never fun to watch, and unless you’re a millionaire, these days you lose every single time.

I’ll end this here by saying the only hope for the future of this country is legitimate campaign finance reform. And sweet chance of that happening any time soon. This is Doomsday Dusty, signing off.

6 responses to “Talkin’ ‘Bout ‘Merica

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  2. But even Reyes is injured again.

  3. Ha! You want frustration, try being a Cubs fan. The bastards finally put together a seven-game win streak…after falling some two dozen games under .500.

    • Yeah I have to give it you there. Whew. The Cubs. That’s rough. I remember when that dude interfered with that play a few years back. Such a painful moment for everyone involved.

  4. The trouble with America is that you play such girly sports. You should try Riot & Loot London sometime.

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