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If this gets more hits than my Hurricane Irene weekend live comic, I will be pissed. I mean, I like hits but still, what does that say about the internet and comics? Have you ever heard of someone live comic-ing anything? Really? I’m not saying for sure I’m the first person to do it, but I certainly haven’t heard anyone else do it. And rage comics don’t count.

So yeah, I should get some props here. But noooooo… people would rather have comics with a handful of panels and stick figures so they can read it in 15 seconds. Yeah, I know how it is these days. IM ON THE COMPUTER BUSY BUSY BUSY NEED FAST LOLZ BACK TO WORK. But still, live storm comic. Come on man. People gotta recognize a little innovation when it happens.

Eh, maybe it just wasn’t funny. Well, enjoy your vajazzling.

Hurricane Irene Live Comic

This week’s Dustinland will be a special live comic, updated throughout the weekend from my wonderful home in Queens, NYC! Keep checking back at the same link, as I will keep updating it with new panels.

Enjoy (and stay safe)!

House on the Rock

I recently visited The House on the Rock in Wisconsin. It’s a place of madness. Sheer, wonderful, insanity. Enjoy:

Tinnitus Blues

So, when reading this week’s Dustinland, keep in mind that I only hear a very subtle ringing in total silence. I’m not like Pete Townshend or anything. It still sucks though. Like, I’d rather sleep to the sound crickets or wind in the trees or even a fan than absolute silence. Although many people with perfect hearing might say the same thing. But yeah, all you kids out there, just bring earplugs to shows and chill with your earbuds. There’s loud, and then there’s you’re gonna regret it for the rest of your life.

80s rockstars as Superheroes

Since they’re coming out with a Morrissey comic, the folks over at MTVHive asked me to draw some other ’80s rock icons as superheroes. So here you go:

Gang Of Four

Echo and The Bunnymen

The Cure


This week’s Dustinland can be viewed either as a silly little joke or a really deep statement about life. Or both. Either way, it didn’t take very long to draw and that helps because I had to work over the weekend. Hey, come on guys, cut me some slack.

Movie Football Player Trading Cards

I done made these trading cards of movie character football players for

Talkin’ ‘Bout ‘Merica

I wanted to do a political Dustinland this week, but once I get going I don’t know when to stop. Plus it’s too depressing. I don’t even really have a point anymore. It’s gotten so bad, my point is just this: Things are fucked. Really, when I say the future looks dim, I mean it. This is some serious shit we’re in. It’s not a joke. So the best I could do was kinda turn this into a sports joke really. You know, I think the Mets are actually in better shape than the country, and that’s saying a lot right there, considering everything the Mets do seems to turn to poop. But at least they’re occasionally fun to watch and win about half the time. The U.S. is never fun to watch, and unless you’re a millionaire, these days you lose every single time.

I’ll end this here by saying the only hope for the future of this country is legitimate campaign finance reform. And sweet chance of that happening any time soon. This is Doomsday Dusty, signing off.

Introducing The Dark Side of the Horn

Here is my latest project: The Dark Side of the Horn. It’s a collection of twisted unicorn drawings. I’ll be posting a new drawing every weekday.

I’d like to think I was way ahead of the unicorn fad, since these drawings are actually more than 4 years old. It all started when my old coworker Andrew went to an exhibit about mythical creatures at the Museum of Natural History. It was pretty crappy, but it did inspire him to draw unicorns and goblins during meetings. We soon started going back and forth with creepy unicorn drawings, and eventually I had a folder full of them  (I even drew a scene from our office with real employees as unicorns and there was an office-wide coloring contest with some pretty decent prizes). So now I figure I might as well put them to use.

Privately, I’ve actually been trying to get these drawings published as a book for a while. I think it would be a nice gift book — something you’d see at Urban Outfitters. But so far, no takers, so onto the internet it goes. We’ll see if that works. So spread the word, and if you have any friends in the publishing world, send them my way.

The Last Straw

You know, I kind of believe in the subject behind this week’s P.O.S.S.E. Dustinland, although maybe not quite to that level. So I’m not ready to take it to the streets but really, I mean, come on. Do you really need a straw to drink your soda at a restaurant where they just cleaned the glasses? Please, okay? Stop straws. Enough.

I thought that up in college by the way, when I was really drunk. So for me this is a real old joke. I was saving it for a rainy day.