Daily Archives: July 27, 2011

Beavis and Butthead at 31

Check it out. Beavis and Butthead if they kept on aging after their show ended (they’d be 31 now). I did Daria too. And Stuart (as a hipster).

NextMovie Feature: Super Hero Online Dating Profiles

Check out this feature I just did for MTV’s NextMovie site: Super Hero Dating Profiles. It’s exactly what it says it is and I had a pretty good time putting it together. I think Magneto’s J-Date page may be my favorite (if you don’t know the comics the crazy kids are reading these days, Magneto is a bad guy from The X-Men comics, and he’s an old Jewish guy who first discovered his powers as a youth during WWII) . The Thor page was pretty fun too since it’s always a good time writing about dating from the perspective of an ancient Norse God who speaks in Shakespearean tongue.