What We Do

I guess I can’t speak for everyone by titling this week’s Dustinland “What We Do,” but I do think I speak for lots of us. What am I trying to say? Well, I guess sometimes you get into a habit where you just have a few beers out of boredom. You know, you’re relaxing, got nothing to do, and then for some reason you just feel like it would be a hell of a lot better with a drink in your hand.

The funny thing is, I don’t even drink much. I get DRUNK, like hungover drunk, maybe once a year. I’ve just always hated being hungover, or having the spins before going to sleep. I have friends that seem impervious to hangovers, which is amazing. They’ll drink twice as much as me and then be more or less fine the next morning. I guess it’s a mix of practice, genetics, and not weighing 14 pounds like I do.

But yeah, booze.


4 responses to “What We Do

  1. I started drinking about an hour ago (yeah, it’s 8:25 AM here, so what?). I recommend you (when you come to Croatia) to go into inland, continental parts…wines are…no word. I’ll just drink 2 liters of white ERDUT /google it/ (damn, red is better, but didn’t bought it). Being wasted is awesome ^^

  2. Actually, this tastes better than most non-alcoholic beverages. This is juice with 12.6% alcohol, that makes you happy ^^ I perfectly understand this comic. And, as always, I’ll spread the word, even for those who didn’t read your vacation comic (which was mentioned in every single paper or internet news). You rule dude ;D

  3. You Americans are so civilised. With the British it is get salary cheque, spend it all getting wasted, sleep with random person / animal, fight, kebab, then comment on what a perfect day it would be if it stopped raining.

  4. It’s what I do!! Sheeyit!

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