To Be Manly

So in this week’s Dustinland, I mention Fred Durst in the last panel. Just to clear this up, I am not happy someone is comparing me to Fred Durst because I like or respect him in any way. Because his band was one of the worst of all time for many reasons, beyond just the music. Basically, I was saying I didn’t feel very manly through the whole comic, and then I talk about this time a gay dude said I was not just straight, but VERY straight – as straight as Fred Durst, who at the time was a good example of stupid macho male bullshit. You know, “HEY BRO,  FUCK YEAH!” That kinda thing.

As for being manly though, really, who cares. I’m fine the way I am. I’m just a skinny dude from the city. I live my life, I go to work, come home, draw mildly funny comics on occasion. Sure, it would be nice to have 20-inch pythons and be able to kill a stag with a bow and arrow, but hey, whatever. The dude abides.

Well, I just had a few beers and it’s the 4th of July so I can’t really write anymore without sounding even dumber. Merry Christmas!

6 responses to “To Be Manly

  1. You should see womens reactions to my back hair then you wouldn’t want to be manly.

    I don’t think anyone born after 1980 can do old fashioned manly house jobs like building.

    Why people want to live in city though, it’s just so ugly.

    • Oh Tom u actually made me laugh. As a woman I concur about the back hair. Eww.

      Dusty, don’t feel bad. I’m not much of a woman, I’m more macho than 90% of men I’ve ever encountered, and I get shit for not being girly. Hell, just last night I was sitting my new condo in South Beach wishing I had a garage for my power tools, especially my circular saw and power sander.

      • Ha – that’s pretty funny because all the power tools in my home belong to my wife. I am good at screwing things, though. HEYO!Seriously though, we got married and I brought a hammer and a screwdriver and she brought two giant cases full of tools. Although one could say I am the biggest tool of all. ZOINKS! I’ll be here all week folks.

  2. Bitter Scribe

    You show me a guy who makes a big deal about how “manly” he is, and I’ll show you a tiresome asshole.

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