Poos and Quiet

This week’s Dustinland is about pooping and what not. Well, it’s not actually about poop. That’s really the least of it. Poop is just an excuse to barricade yourself (or myself) in a small room and be left alone for a few minutes. I think a lot of people can relate. At least men. I’m not sure if women do this or why they don’t if they don’t. I guess dudes more often fall into the “leave me alone I need quiet time” category while women more often fall into the “I want to talk about everything that happened to me today” category. A bit of unfair stereotyping there of course, so feel free to not call that out in the comment section.


4 responses to “Poos and Quiet

  1. Women relate.

    “Calgon, Take me away!”

  2. The former governor of Illinois, who was found guilty yesterday of 17 federal corruption charges, used to hide in the bathroom whenever anyone came around to tell him stuff he didn’t want to hear, like the state was out of money. Didn’t work out so well. He ended up flushing his political career, and the state is still broke.

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