Ice-T and Coco Through The Ages

So there’s a show called Ice-T and Coco or something like that, where Ice-T hangs out with his giant-boob-and-assed wife. I drew some pictures for MTV of the wonderful couple traveling through time. Now, I haven’t seen anything but a few clips but I think it’s just one of those things where it’s funny because he used to be all gansta and now he goes shopping for doggie clothes. Also, did I mention the gigantic boobs? That’s probably a watching factor for a good percentage of the show’s audience. Good times.

2 responses to “Ice-T and Coco Through The Ages

  1. Great stuff! My favorite was the American Gothic knockoff with the diamond-shaped panel cut out in the middle of her boobs.

    Usually I’m indifferent to rappers, but I like Ice-T. Anyone who comes to fame with a song about killing cops, then goes on to play a cop on TV for, what’s it been now, more than a dozen years?–is OK by me.

  2. Yeah, I agree. He seems like a pretty cool guy. Really funny too. I’ve seen him as a guest on Conan and it was hilarious. He does a good string dance too, by the way.

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