Monthly Archives: June 2011

Poos and Quiet

This week’s Dustinland is about pooping and what not. Well, it’s not actually about poop. That’s really the least of it. Poop is just an excuse to barricade yourself (or myself) in a small room and be left alone for a few minutes. I think a lot of people can relate. At least men. I’m not sure if women do this or why they don’t if they don’t. I guess dudes more often fall into the “leave me alone I need quiet time” category while women more often fall into the “I want to talk about everything that happened to me today” category. A bit of unfair stereotyping there of course, so feel free to not call that out in the comment section.


Birdy Rage Comic

Here’s a Birdy Rage Comic created by fantastic Birdy fan Amit. (If you don’t know what Rage Comics are, you can find out here.)

Gucci Gucci for MTV

Check out these wacky rap illustrations I did for MTV Hive. This time I drew out the lyrics to some song called “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn. I had never heard of this song or person before this project. Her style certainly made it easy for me to draw though, so I appreciate that. Just the earrings alone. I could draw a pineapple and stick giant square earrings on it and it would look like her. Good times. White girls rapping… maybe not such good times.

*** Looks like Kreayshawn herself retweeted MTV’s posting on this. The seal of approval from the queen of ovary swag.

I Read The Whole Bible

This week’s Dustinland is not an attempt to sum up the entire bible in six panels, but you know, it does give you a nice little primer. A lot of people like to pretend they have tried to read the bible but most people get bored within the first 50 pages. You just need to really go for it. Make an effort. I just read a little every night before I went to sleep. Why? Well, I’m not a religious man, but it is a pretty important book. Considering how many people base a good percentage of their decisions on it, it’s kinda nice to understand it a bit better. Take the death penalty. Some people say “oh, well how can you be religious and support the death penalty?!” Well, read the bible. There’s PLENTY of righteous killing going on in there. Overall though, if there was any part of the bible I’d recommend, it would be Proverbs. It’s just pretty mellow. A cool list of knowledge, broken down in little bits. Almost kinda Eastern if you will, but without the crazy puzzles. Good times.

Ice-T and Coco Through The Ages

So there’s a show called Ice-T and Coco or something like that, where Ice-T hangs out with his giant-boob-and-assed wife. I drew some pictures for MTV of the wonderful couple traveling through time. Now, I haven’t seen anything but a few clips but I think it’s just one of those things where it’s funny because he used to be all gansta and now he goes shopping for doggie clothes. Also, did I mention the gigantic boobs? That’s probably a watching factor for a good percentage of the show’s audience. Good times.


This is just a mini Dustinland sorta comic type thing since I was super busy all weekend and didn’t have a chance to do my usual thing. But you know, that Boo, he’s a dangerous one. You gotta keep your eye on him. That’s all I’m sayin.

Thirsty (for the truth [about Fracking])

This week’s Dustinland was inspired by Gasland. See it. Then do something (besides cry).