Daily Archives: May 2, 2011

So, Osama Is Dead

Man, I had this week’s comic completely finished and ready to go, and then I wake up this morning to news of Osama’s demise. Then I figured it wouldn’t make sense to go ahead with a comic about getting drunk in college. So I threw this together after work while doing laundry. Thanks a lot Navy Seals – you couldn’t have gotten to him on any other day of the week?

Anyway, so that’s what this week’s Dustinland is about. I might be pissing off some conservatives here but oh well, most of you really suck ass anyway. I do apologize however if you’re one of the few normal conservatives who can see right through idiots like Palin, or if you’re a real libertarian, not just someone who became one a year ago because you don’t like taxes. Wait, actually I don’t apologize to libertarians because I only mentioned “conservatives” in this strip so there.

Okay, time for a well-deserved ice cream break.

P.S. Hi all my new Croatian and Slovenian fans! Don’t worry, my comics aren’t usually this political but obviously this was something that had to be addressed. Next week we’ll be back to drinking and smoking.