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Forever Young

I’m sure this week’s Dustinland about how I look really young is going to draw some educational comments from older folks. But that’s okay. There are a lot of Dustinland readers who are 10-15 years younger than I am, and I’ve certainly given them advice, so there you have it. From one generation to the next, nothing wrong with that.

But yeah looking young sucks at work because people treat you like you’re just out of college and then you have to prove yourself or walk around showing off your wedding band until someone asks you about it and says “How long have you been married?” even though what they really are saying is “Aren’t you too young to be married?” and then I can tell them how old I really am.

The Rapture

I have the sniffles right now so I won’t get too into it but yeah, this week’s Dustinland is all about how some people thought the world was going to end this past weekend but it didn’t. I think some pastor somewhere figured this out and either got his math wrong or was lying the whole time. They did spend a lot of money though putting up billboards and driving trucks around warning everyone, even here in NY where everyone is evil. I guess what was supposed to happen was that all the good people would vanish and go to heaven and the rest of us would be stuck here to be all sad and what not until the world ends a few months from now. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, we all get to stay here and wait for the world to slowly end over a much longer yet probably more depressing amount of time. There’s a little Doomsday Dusty for you to start your week.

Offal Space

“Offal is a culinary term used to refer to the entrails and internal organs of a butchered animal.”

So that’s where the title for this week’s Dustinland comes from. Sure, I wasn’t talking about animal bowels but rather human bowels, but still, you get the point. I was working on a pun. The Daily Show would have gotten away with it for sure.

In terms of the content of my comic, the girl in question is actually quite nice and I hope she never reads this. However, it is a bit inappropriate to talk about burritos and pooping at a loud volume in an open office environment full of many, many people, especially when you don’t even know the person you’re talking to. But I actually do enjoy it a bit, in a weird way. It’s just so funny and bizarre and unreal. And I like watching the dude next to me try to stifle his laughs.

Man, you just can’t beat real life for weird stuff.

The illustrated companion for Tyler the Creator’s “Tron Cat”

So I draw a lot of filthy awful drawings for MTV this week. In case you don’t know, Tyler The Creator is this young rapper dude. He’s part of a crew called Odd Future. I think they’re Cali dudes. They rap about a lot of “shocking” shit. It’s all pretty filthy and crude, or at least most of it is. So yeah, if you’re into rappers who talk about eating their dead girlfriends and banging dolphins, THIS is the guy for you!

So far it seems like this is getting some coverage: at The Daily Swarm and at

***Update – Looks like some fun-loving person turned this into an actual video!

PS Don’t blame me, I didn’t write the lyrics.

Drunken Stories

I was going to post this Dustinland last week but then the Osama thing went down and I had to touch on that instead. But back to boozing! Yup, these are all true stories from back in the college days (Binghamton University in upstate NY if you didn’t already know). I’m sure some of the people in this strip will be surprised to see themselves in comic form—hopefully pleasantly surprised. I could probably do a whole book of these if I really wanted to be maybe I’ll wait and see how much you guys like this first installment.

So, Osama Is Dead

Man, I had this week’s comic completely finished and ready to go, and then I wake up this morning to news of Osama’s demise. Then I figured it wouldn’t make sense to go ahead with a comic about getting drunk in college. So I threw this together after work while doing laundry. Thanks a lot Navy Seals – you couldn’t have gotten to him on any other day of the week?

Anyway, so that’s what this week’s Dustinland is about. I might be pissing off some conservatives here but oh well, most of you really suck ass anyway. I do apologize however if you’re one of the few normal conservatives who can see right through idiots like Palin, or if you’re a real libertarian, not just someone who became one a year ago because you don’t like taxes. Wait, actually I don’t apologize to libertarians because I only mentioned “conservatives” in this strip so there.

Okay, time for a well-deserved ice cream break.

P.S. Hi all my new Croatian and Slovenian fans! Don’t worry, my comics aren’t usually this political but obviously this was something that had to be addressed. Next week we’ll be back to drinking and smoking.