Croatian Vacation

Dustinland is back! I was gone for two weeks on vacation in Croatia and Slovenia, and that is the topic of this week’s comic. Please excuse the bit of a departure in artistic style, since I drew this on the plane ride home, knowing I wouldn’t have much time to work on it once I was back in NYC and still dealing with jet lag.

But yeah, this comic pretty much describes my trip. This was actually my first time in Europe, which is almost embarrassing when I think about how old I am and how long I had passed up the opportunity of going aboard. I think it was always intimidating to me, both in terms of the language barrier and the cost. The cost does kinda suck, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it. Put off buying that new couch or TV. You can’t compare material possessions to what you get out of a great vacation to someplace new. And as for the language, well, I am lucky enough to be born in the U.S., because apparently everyone else speaks English, making it incredibly easy for us to travel. I guess we have England to thank for that, what with all their imperialism and what not. And American music, TV and movies of course, our No. 1 export. Man, I heard almost nothing but American music wherever I went in both Croatia and Slovenia β€” crappy pop music too. And for some reason I heard the Spin Doctors’ “Two Princes” at least three times.

But anyway, great vacation. Go there. But maybe not during the summer, since that’s when thousands of German tourists will be there beaching it up in Speedos. Hitting the beach would be nice though. I kinda missed out on that since it’s not quite beach weather yet.

Okay, bye.

*Update: apparently this comic is really making the rounds in Croatia today, due to this article. I Google translated it and this is what I got:

America about the Croatians: lot of thin people who drink and smoke

American Dustin Glick visited Croatia, which it is obviously very delighted, because their experience in our beautiful conveyed many readers of his comics ‘Dustinland’. Thus, Glick describes the daily rituals of Croats and advises how to behave in Croatia.

Dustin Glick is the author of comics on Croatia, which these days is circulating the Internet. America is, in fact, visited Croatia and Slovenia and is briefly described his experiences in the comics ‘Dustinland’.

So Glick Croats described as thin people, who drink and smoke a lot. Enthralled by the old Croatian who notes that can be found in the middle of the forest and thus seen in isolation, and special memories of his ice cream, cheap beer, brandy and cisterns.

As already mentioned, apart from visiting the Croatian and Slovenia, which recommended Lasko beer, but also points out that there can not eat horses.

The whole comic read on his official website Dustinland.

Thanks for the shout out Croatia! I can’t wait to come back (especially now that so many of you have promised to buy me beer).

**Update No. 2: This strip has now also been featured on a Slovenian site. Here’s the Google translation of that:

“Despite the good food in Slovenia is not obese people”

Good food everywhere, ice everywhere, alcohol at low prices, however, in Slovenia and Croatia is not obese. So at least they say Americans are about the beauty of our country prepared a witty comic.

Americans through witty, a scenic strip show Slovenia and Croatia as a wonderful country that they can be visited all year round. Most of the positive things they found in low prices and natural beauty, but not forget to write a well-intentioned criticism.

Strip begins with a conversation between two mladeničema. One of them had just returned from leave, which he spent in Slovenia and Croatia, and friend, describes why everyone should visit these two countries.

Enthused by the low price, particularly alcohol and wonderful people who, despite the good food and ice cream everywhere slim. There’s not obese, she says. Taken up by the natural beauty and untouched nature, which is especially wonderful Americans.
Despite all the beauty that they break the country, to hear the criticism. They flew above all things related to transportation. Gasoline is extremely expensive, public transport is simply sucks.

Despite some criticism, most of the comic strip contains citations to fly to Slovenia and Croatia. The entire strip can be read here.

30 responses to “Croatian Vacation

  1. Sounds like a nice holiday, yeah most of the top tourist places are overrated, at least because of all the other tourists there. Just seen a couple of yanky nutters on the news flying over to see the royal wedding, how pathetic.

  2. Gotta agree with you on that one. Every day this week I turn on the news in the morning just to check the weather and nope β€”Β instead they’re talking about how whatshername is not going to say “obey” in her vows.

  3. Yeah tell me about it. Social climbing posh bird jumps into the oldest undemocratic, unearned position of wealth and power and yet wants to be seen as modern by not saying a word no one ever expected her to live by. You couldn’t make it up and people actually fall for that rubbish.

    Ma English women are proper ball busters, not lie your American women, wink wink nudge nudge.

  4. Hi Dustin,

    I saw your comic for the first time, and it was about my country (Croatia). I’m glad that you had a good time, and saw some of our historical and natural beauties. I hope you will come again and expirience the country in full, from continental to shore + islands (we have 1400+ of those).

    Anyway, awsome comic, it’s going in bookmarks πŸ™‚



  5. Hi! Like the comic. Dont know if you went south enough to reach Dubrovnik (the pearl of adriatic πŸ™‚ but I can tell that you had great time. Hope you liked our country and people and that you’ll come again…in summer time! All old german folks in speedos can’t beat tons of sweet delicius girls from all over europe. By now!

  6. you can eat horse in croatia also, not everywhere, but some restaurants have horse
    and of course, you can drink rakija, this is strong alcohol beverage from everything you can imagine, plums, pears, grapes, apples, honey, whatever

  7. Love you comic about Croatia! I live in Croatia and I couldn’t find so much nice words for it like you did. So thanks! Hope you’ll continue to travel around. And me? I only hope to visit YOUR town, NY. πŸ™‚

  8. Awesome comic and even better comments!!
    thumbs up 4 u Dustin & ur birdy πŸ˜€
    I’m from Croatia also, so if u ever find urself here again count on me for free beer also hehe!!
    Keep up ur good work and good luck in donations!
    All the best!

  9. Hello Dust from CRO,

    I saw your comic in our daily newspapers, and I was pretty much surprised about the it (An American wrote it?). It’s very nice from you to promote our country, but I know this from personal experience: 80% of Americans don’t even know what and where Croatia is. Those who know though, think we are far, underdeveloped country with war going in it. That’s why we need more promotion. We are thankful to you for this, and you will always have great time here as you are welcomed.

    I can agree with you with most claims about our country; yes, we do speak English, smoke, drink and eat tasty food πŸ˜€

    And that’s right, avoid unfriendly people and streets past midnight in bigger cities, as every other country, we have drunk fools too.

    Finally, after shore and islands, come visit our biggest and capital city of Zagreb! It’s very tourist-friendly and awesome time is guaranteed!

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  10. Haha, Great comic, made my day. You got one more beer if you come to Istria again πŸ˜‰

  11. You make pretty cool comics! After I read ”Croatian”, I snooped around and I’m delighted with your work! It’s funny and educative.
    Anyway, come again next year!

  12. Hi dude great comic … That is all will say because all of this guys said all i was thinking before me… If u ever go on our islands i recommend Hvar and Korčula you can get there from Split (my town, check it out to), and you have to go and see this beach sport we play here called picigin (go on beach bačvice in Split)… well in hopes u come again =D

  13. hahaha I saw the comic and I must say that all of the facts are so true πŸ™‚ Croats smoke a lot thats true, ice cream is great and yes gas is too expensive πŸ™‚ i am glad that you have visited the cost, but you must also come come and visit Zagreb (my hometown and capital city), Varazdin and other nice cities in the state πŸ™‚
    and another thing, we are pretty old nation so it is no surprise that we have bunch of old ruins, buildings etc. on almost every corner :)))
    hahah and the “FAT issue”-weeel I must say, we can`t afford to be fat, it cost a lot of money lol πŸ˜›
    so come to zagreb and you`ll get beer and ice cream πŸ™‚ it`s on me πŸ™‚

    and a little croatian language lesson – strip je odličan ( comic is fabulous)!!
    hugs and kisses πŸ™‚

  14. Bet you didn’t know that Croats also invented a necktie (cravat) and a ballpen. We hold the Guinness world record for the largest necktie in the world (over 800 meters long), tying it around a Roman amphitheater in Pula. I was personally involved in this project back in 2003.
    Anyway, you’ve summed it up pretty nicely. Concise and to the point.
    Greetings from Zagreb.

  15. Awesome! Dude, site is like the most read news website in Croatia! Well, you got really big (and free) advertisement in Croatia. And vice versa, you wrote about Croatia – it’s always a good thing for us. First we had an Emmy-awarded documentary about us (it’s called “Wow! Croatia”, and you can find it on youtube in entirety; author Ashley Colburn), and now this.

    You have free beer and ice cream when you come πŸ˜‰

  16. Glad to like our country, but you missed a lot of great things and places. So… you must come back in Croatia… πŸ™‚
    A lot of kisses from Adriatic Sea.

  17. Lasko beer rules indeed. πŸ™‚ Come again, get a free glass of world oldest wine in Maribor as well. πŸ™‚

  18. Nice comic, I just wish you put more criticism in it. Anyway, I say it in local newspapers and I must say: thanks for the chuckle.

  19. Nice comics there, Im from Slovenia and I`m glad to see you liked your vacation in Slo/Cro πŸ™‚ Lasko beer rules yeah πŸ˜› and croatian Karlovacko beer is also great πŸ™‚
    Both countries are great and have a lot to offer to all tourists πŸ™‚

  20. Great comics!

    here is another article about you in most read slovenian news website:

    if you come again to Slovenia, do not hesitate to contact people who live here, becouse we will show you the things in Slovenia that are not so popular for turist but deffinetly worth to see πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work!


  21. Nice thing that you choosed Croatia and Slovenia because our relationships weren’t great in past time, this will definetely improve it. And hey, if you visit us again, you need to come to the eastern parts of Croatia, so much food and drinks you won’t find on many places in the world, and of course here are many sites that need to be visited.

  22. Hello

    I think we talk for some minutes in planet tuΕ‘ in Koper on Friday and Saturday. I was working that time and you asked me for advice where to go. Nice to see that you enjoyed your vacations.


  23. Hi there! Haha, nice comic :)))) I’m glad you like my country (Cro)! πŸ™‚ Come to Split to play picigin, I’m buying a dinner! :))

  24. I like that part of Europe, interesting to visit.

  25. That’s a pretty cool comic you made πŸ™‚ It’s nice to see someone enjoyed Croatia as much as i do, sometimes people are like, mwah i don’t like fish, where is Guinness beer, the beach is not as sandy as bahama’s etc… well the secret is that Croatia is a country of many faces and there are beaches and beer for everyone’s liking. You just have to find it. That’s why you should come again. Visit ‘the forbidden island’ of Vis which was occupied by the army until 1990 and no one was allowed to come there except for the locals. It has the most beautiful, untouched sandy beaches and stone caves you have ever seen.
    No Germans πŸ˜€ ,,, then maybe a 3 day techno party in Zrce, island of Pag. DjTiesto is a regular there, just don’t forget your sunglasses because the party is def. not over when the sun comes up.
    Got tired ? visit Plitvicka Jezera, calm surroundings of natural waterfalls
    There is so much more you just have to know what it is you’re looking for!!!!

  26. Hi Dustin Glick, great post. Very ineresting for us here in Croatia to see how do we look to someone who is not from here. You are right about everything!
    We invite you to visit Croatia again, and we reccomend you to go sailing on Adriatic Coast, especially Croatian National Park “Kornati “.

  27. Hi, realy good comic you made there πŸ™‚ Btw Im from Slovenia. I think that coratian and Slovene people should NOT fiht that much. We are all greate people. My mum is from Slo and my Dad is from Cro. Do you agre?

    Sory for my bad english πŸ™‚ Lp

  28. Dustin, this is AWESOME. Including the wonderful Google translations, of course: “public transport is simply sucks.” Congratulations on international fame — your first time abroad, too!

  29. SalePetrovic

    I’m sorry you haven’t visited the other countries on Balkan too… You still have to visit Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro (Crna Gora), Romania… Of course Croatia have more tourist places to offer, but for e.g. in Bosnia the Drina river is best place to visit, In Serbia I think you would have like to visit Novi Sad during Exit festival (read about it), Macedonia have the most beautiful Ohrid lake (Ohridsko jezero), etc… So if you don’t know in future where to spend your holiday come to Balkan again and try to visit Croatia, Slovenia and these countries too… Of course Greese and Italy have a more thing to offer but that is cliche πŸ™‚

  30. Amazing comic. What to say more than you should come back to Croatia soon :))
    You will have fun for sure now that your are our fav famous american person :))

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