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Croatian Vacation

Dustinland is back! I was gone for two weeks on vacation in Croatia and Slovenia, and that is the topic of this week’s comic. Please excuse the bit of a departure in artistic style, since I drew this on the plane ride home, knowing I wouldn’t have much time to work on it once I was back in NYC and still dealing with jet lag.

But yeah, this comic pretty much describes my trip. This was actually my first time in Europe, which is almost embarrassing when I think about how old I am and how long I had passed up the opportunity of going aboard. I think it was always intimidating to me, both in terms of the language barrier and the cost. The cost does kinda suck, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it. Put off buying that new couch or TV. You can’t compare material possessions to what you get out of a great vacation to someplace new. And as for the language, well, I am lucky enough to be born in the U.S., because apparently everyone else speaks English, making it incredibly easy for us to travel. I guess we have England to thank for that, what with all their imperialism and what not. And American music, TV and movies of course, our No. 1 export. Man, I heard almost nothing but American music wherever I went in both Croatia and Slovenia — crappy pop music too. And for some reason I heard the Spin Doctors’ “Two Princes” at least three times.

But anyway, great vacation. Go there. But maybe not during the summer, since that’s when thousands of German tourists will be there beaching it up in Speedos. Hitting the beach would be nice though. I kinda missed out on that since it’s not quite beach weather yet.

Okay, bye.

*Update: apparently this comic is really making the rounds in Croatia today, due to this article. I Google translated it and this is what I got:

America about the Croatians: lot of thin people who drink and smoke

American Dustin Glick visited Croatia, which it is obviously very delighted, because their experience in our beautiful conveyed many readers of his comics ‘Dustinland’. Thus, Glick describes the daily rituals of Croats and advises how to behave in Croatia.

Dustin Glick is the author of comics on Croatia, which these days is circulating the Internet. America is, in fact, visited Croatia and Slovenia and is briefly described his experiences in the comics ‘Dustinland’.

So Glick Croats described as thin people, who drink and smoke a lot. Enthralled by the old Croatian who notes that can be found in the middle of the forest and thus seen in isolation, and special memories of his ice cream, cheap beer, brandy and cisterns.

As already mentioned, apart from visiting the Croatian and Slovenia, which recommended Lasko beer, but also points out that there can not eat horses.

The whole comic read on his official website Dustinland.

Thanks for the shout out Croatia! I can’t wait to come back (especially now that so many of you have promised to buy me beer).

**Update No. 2: This strip has now also been featured on a Slovenian site. Here’s the Google translation of that:

“Despite the good food in Slovenia is not obese people”

Good food everywhere, ice everywhere, alcohol at low prices, however, in Slovenia and Croatia is not obese. So at least they say Americans are about the beauty of our country prepared a witty comic.

Americans through witty, a scenic strip show Slovenia and Croatia as a wonderful country that they can be visited all year round. Most of the positive things they found in low prices and natural beauty, but not forget to write a well-intentioned criticism.

Strip begins with a conversation between two mladeničema. One of them had just returned from leave, which he spent in Slovenia and Croatia, and friend, describes why everyone should visit these two countries.

Enthused by the low price, particularly alcohol and wonderful people who, despite the good food and ice cream everywhere slim. There’s not obese, she says. Taken up by the natural beauty and untouched nature, which is especially wonderful Americans.
Despite all the beauty that they break the country, to hear the criticism. They flew above all things related to transportation. Gasoline is extremely expensive, public transport is simply sucks.

Despite some criticism, most of the comic strip contains citations to fly to Slovenia and Croatia. The entire strip can be read here.

Tax Time

Yeah, taxes suck. Nothing new here. But as I say in this week’s Dustinland, they do pay for stuff. Really the big bummer, for me, is getting surprised with an April whammy. Next year I am going to fix my stuff up so that everything is taken out correctly beforehand, because I’d rather wind up getting a pleasant surprise than a sock full of bad news. And I think that goes for life in general really. I don’t know if that approach leads to ultimate happiness, but it certainly spares you major disappointment. Playin it safe! High five.