Daily Archives: March 29, 2011

On The Run

Yup, I sure do like runnin. Okay, well not too much, bust still, it’s become a hobby. I’m not one of those hardcore people you see running outside on a 25 degree day, but I do feel bad if I don’t run for a week. Which is actually the case right now. I run after work and sometimes that just isn’t possible. I really should run and workout in the morning before work but I need to sleep to the last minute possible. That’s just how I roll.┬áBut yeah, it’s fun to beat people at the track. It gives you a little extra inspiration, plus a newfound respect for people that are out of your league.

You may have also noticed I was listening to a little Pantera while I ran. I totally need good music for running and working out. I kinda mix it up between metal, jungle and minimal techno. It depends what I’m doing. Obviously I like the harder stuff for working out, or for running in the gym on the boring treadmill. Running outdoors gives you a different feeling, so then I go for lighter stuff, but still epic and driving. I’d like to run out in the country and just listen to the birdies and the wind in the trees, but I live in New York and instead I get the cars and the planes and annoying people talking.