Everything Is Better Outdoors

This week’s Dustinland is based on what I think is a pretty interesting truth: when you do something mundane outside, it suddenly becomes “doing something.” Take reading a book. You read a book on your couch, big deal. But you spend a Saturday afternoon reading a book outside in your backyard, and man, now that’s a good day. I could probably launch into some sort of nature writing thing here but I just did laundry and I don’t feel like it right now. But you get the point: mankind is tied to nature, we like to be outside, it’s special, it’s nice on a nice day, it can make the most lame thing seem fun and cool, blah blah blah trees and birds are nice.

7 responses to “Everything Is Better Outdoors

  1. I love nature, I didn’t get out of my moms basement much so I used to watch a lot of nature tv. However this would get me really angry seeing what humans who do get out a lot are doing to nature (as these tv shows are always trying to teach us something, will stick to dumb internet comics in the future) I would then have an angry play with myself to relieve the tension, which I couldn’t do in the basement cos ma might catch me, so I tried it outside and yeah Dustin you are right, it’s much better outside.

  2. Nice. I was watching “No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain” the other day and he was eating crappy fried fish on a beach in Jamaica and he was all like “this meal is sooo good because I am eating it while barefoot and on a beach in Jamaica. This same meal in a restaurant in a city, indoors? Awful.”

  3. He was eating fried crappie? I didn’t even know you could eat those things.

  4. “crappy fried fish” like “shitty lame comment by Bitter Scribe.”


    “fried crappie fish”

  5. internet name take your nazi grammar fascism etc etc elsewhere.

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