It’s funny, not just regarding this week’s Dustinland, but all my comics, every time I post an entry here, I feel like I’m trying to counter any complaints about my comic that will appear online before they do. Clearly it’s impossible to do that, since there will always be something about my—or anyone’s—work to bitch about, plus most people just check the comic without coming here before they post their nasty comments about how stupid I am.

But anyway, just in case you couldn’t get it from the comic, I do not want to be, nor do I wish others to be rude, inconsiderate assholes who go about their lives doing as they please because they feel no responsibility toward others. This comic was merely pointing out how fun and carefree it would be to not care about anything but only within the confines of a fantasy world where it isn’t necessary to have considerations for an entire world full of people and other lifeforms need to coexist in relative peace and harmony. That’s why the comic ends with me on my own little island.

Not sure what other complaints people will have about this one but there probably won’t be too many since this one has a lot of words which means nobody will read it on the internet. TLDR.

Oh also, Birdy is quoting Nietzsche this week. Seems appropriate.

21 responses to “Guilt

  1. Forgot my handle

    I hear you, I felt the same way. I moved from NYC to a wealthy little enclave that everyone here refers to as a bubble. It’s geographically separate from the rest of the state, has perfect weather, a very wealthy populace, no violent crime… pretty much no crime, no homeless, clean streets. People don’t lock the doors to their homes, and don’t lock down their bicycles and nothing gets stolen.

    There’s no big companies, no terrorism threats, no traffic jams, just miles of white sand beaches, PGA golf courses, world-class restaurants and art galleries, and great fishing. People walk, bike or drive around in golf carts – on the city streets, or cruise around in their Bentleys, and it’s not uncommon to pull up next to a Maybach in the supermarket parking lot. The only reason to leave is to go scuba diving on a tropical coral reef 2 hours away. It’s like an adult Disney world! Not giving a shit rocks!! More golf, beach and diving for me.

    • Forgot my handle

      My consolation is that nature will likely win no matter how badly humans fuck things up (even ending a sentence with a preposition). Humans are pretty destructive, but the world is extremely resilient. And, I’m no “shrinking violet,” if people are inconsiderate, I let them know, it helps break the cycle.

      Here’s a link about bacteria eating the Titanic:

      “A rust stain may be all that will remain of the RMS Titanic in 15 to 20 years.” Nature finds a way.

  2. You don’t need to have the weight of the world on your shoulders, because it isn’t! I used to kind of feel a lot of pressure, but then I met lots of really dumb people who haven’t even heard of half the stuff I worry about, so… if they don’t care and are ignorant and low functioning, then why should I beat myself up for not caring as much as I think others expect me to care. And people need to toughen up. In England, most of the people I met weren’t concerned with helping others, they were concerned about being self sufficient and they expected the same in others. If there is a populace not doing as well as the rest of the world, I tend to think like the British and ask myself not what I can do to help, but instead think that the primitives really need to get their act together and rise to the occasion. If I can do it under my own means, so can they.

    • Well about the British, some are uncaring right wingers but then the left wingers want the government to help others. I think in america people are judged if they give to charity on an individual level, whilst in the UK caring people want it all done through the government. As with our longer history than the US we have given up on the idea of rich individuals ever giving enough of they hard earned / ripped off money to the poor. America will see this in the end too, the rich get richer and don’t give enough away, eventually you will have to have super high taxes or have a situation where most of your population live like Africans. Then comes the revolution. If America ever becomes communist or a big socialist government, the rich will only have themselves to blame. Dustin that’s why it’s a good idea for you to vote for Sarah Palin, she will help your cause in the long run. Sometimes not caring with a lot of patience is the only way to get what you want in the end.

      • The point is that they shouldn’t give any of their money away. If they can make money, then so can the poor.

    • The british have interfered with numerous “primitive” scoietys and have learnt that generally we do them and ourselves more harm than good even with good intentions. It’s not that we don’t care it’s that we realise our own limitations and imperfections. A lesson America needs to learn. We stopped calling such countries primitive a while back because of this. Especially when such societys with far less wealth actually seem to be happier than us.

      • internet name

        Um, no. I don’t think Africans with a lifespan of 37 years are happier than us! Or rural Chinese… or rural Mexicans. America has too much guilt over slavery. I went to Australia, and it was just like America except the people weren’t apologists – they were guilt-free and happy – they have an Aboriginal population which is similar to America’s blacks. Australians are who they are and they don’t give a fuck if they’re better than other people.

        But, America is under the spell of Madison Avenue and the idea that we are defective, inferior or inadequate and that we need what Madison Avenue is selling in order to be whole, and to better ourselves. This is what leads to unhappiness. Wealth combined with a strong sense of what’s VALUABLE creates a lot of happiness.

  3. I’ve actually worked really hard on the guilt thing over the years, and it’s done me a lot of good. If I feel like helping someone out, I do, and if I don’t, well, I usually don’t. The stress of trying to do it all is worse than the guilt of not doing it.

  4. Mark Twain wrote a hilarious sketch about capturing and destroying his conscience. In the story, it was a real, tangible thing, like the angel who sits on your shoulder. After he did, his life was great: He burned down an orphanage because it obstructed his view, etc.

    • internet name

      hahaha. But sadly, I’ve met a lot of people who would do that but for criminal and financial repercussions they would face.

      • If you want to commit crimes just wait until you are old and about to die anyway. Can’t wait to get old myself mwhuahah.

        Oh and a sense of what is valuable generally devalues wealth and it’s trappings. Obese Americans would be better off if they were poor etc etc. There is very little that money can buy that is of any true value, compared to so many other things in life.

      • internet name

        Tom, money can buy loads of things that have true value…. travel to far away lands, scuba lessons, gear, and boat trips, evenings out on the town, quality clothing, health care, entry fees for marathons, gym memberships, etc. I didn’t get to go to Australia, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, and just about every state in the US on my own dime because I am flat broke! And btw, the obese people tend to be the poorest, ie from Alabama, Oklahoma, etc. So wealth is actually an antidote to obesity.

        Tom, you can’t even use the word “it’s” correctly. It should be “its” trappings. You are inept, and probably a 12 year old living in his mother’s basement who never had to pay a dime of his own money for anything. You’re some sort of armchair pundit, and your ignorance and inexperience show.

        Anyway, I thought this comic was supposed to be about not feeling guilty if you don’t want to hang with an acquaintance or go their lame-ass birthday party, or care about starving Ethiopians.

        And I too can’t wait until you get old, Tom. Adios.

  5. What you have to remember is that wanting to save everyone can be as much a function of ego as of a good heart. Attachment to outcomes makes us sad, we could make everyone happy by just releasing them from attachment to outcomes and hence their ego. This is how many people naturally are, others have to learn to become that way.
    Enlightenment / Bodhi
    “Bodhi is sometimes described as complete and perfect sanity, or awareness of the true nature of
    the universe, Bodhi is an abstract noun formed from the verbal root budh (to awake, become aware,
    notice, know or understand)”
    Enlightenment = Understanding & Awareness of Life & Existence
    Achieved through Experience + Meditation
    In his famous 1784 essay What Is Enlightenment?, Immanuel Kant described it as follows:
    “Enlightenment is man’s release from his self-incurred tutelage. Tutelage is the incapacity to use
    one’s own understanding without the guidance of another. Such tutelage is self-imposed if its cause
    is not lack of intelligence, but rather a lack of determination and courage to use one’s intelligence
    without being guided by another.”
    Using Intelligence, Determination and Courage.
    In Human, All Too Human, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche had this to say about enlightenment and
    the understanding of good and evil:
    “A man who desires no more from things than to understand them easily makes peace with his soul
    and will err (or “sin,” as the world calls it) at the most out of ignorance, but hardly out of desire. He
    will no longer want to condemn and root out his desires; but his single goal, governing him
    completely, to understand as well as he can at all times, will cool him down and soften all the
    wildness in his disposition. In addition, he has rid himself of a number of tormenting ideas; he no
    longer feels anything at the words “pains of hell,” “sinfulness,” “incapacity for the good”: for him
    they are only the evanescent silhouettes of erroneous thoughts about life and the world.”
    In order to achieve Nirvana
    “Nibbāna” means “blowing out” — that is, blowing out the fires of greed, hatred, and delusion.

    • internet name

      Gonna be hard to do with all the crap going on around us. The noose is being tightened, and we can’t escape. Every aspect of our lives is being increasingly controlled by either a government entity, a bank, or an electronic device. Our water is contaminated, we are being saturated with all sort of electromagnetic waves, additives are put in jet fuel to alter states of consciousness of the people who live in the flight paths, our money is being devalued (it’s only based on faith in the US government. Ha!), so good luck finding nirvana in that environment. But, we are not helpless, and we can stop it. We just have to stop being pussies and worrying that every thing we do is harming something else – we have to free ourselves from their grasp, so that we can live to our full potential, not as a drone, who is weak and sick and worried, and falling into poverty while making a bank or politician or elite richer!

      • Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.
        Benjamin Franklin

        You think America isn’t a communist country, what with all those expensive wars and bank bail outs, wake up and smell the coffee.

  6. You think you’re better than me because you have guilt?

  7. internet name

    We’ve also been fed a bunch of lies throughout our lifetimes by our dear leaders. And being ‘helpless’ against these phantom problems (man-caused global warming *cough*) will force us to look to the government for help, thus strengthening our overlords.

    The most effective suppressant of human potential is fear and worry.

    Check out and We’re not helpless victims. I look forward to a U.S. uprising against overlords and their lies that are destroying us – physically, mentally, emotionally, and culturally.

  8. Wow, quite a wild range of topic being discussed here. I do have to say, this must be the most I have ever agreed with Tom. Seriously, I have had that exact same thought—that it could be better in the end for someone awful to get elected because in order for real change to occur, things have to really hit rock bottom. So might as well hurry it up with an evil idiot running the show. Of course, periods of change and adjustment can suck and I’d rather not be around for that, so hopefully things will just meander along like this for a while and I won’t have to suffer through a violent revolution, which I can pretty much guarantee looks a lot more fun on TV than in real life.

    • I dunno, we’re doing pretty bad now, it’s just that the population has been dumbed down so much they no longer care. They just want to gonto their sporting events and let big brother take care of everything, but it’s more like Big Warlock robbing us of everything – the human spirit to achieve, our health, opportunity, our money. Gas is $4 a gallon. Why haven’t we tapped our strategic reserves? Right, to make the poor poorer and enrich corporations and their political shills.

      We have hit rock bottom. We’re just too dumbed down to care. Hey, how are the Knicks doing? Did Charlie Sheen drive his car off of a cliff? Who is Paris Hilton fucking?

    • I only wrote that so you would have to agree and then go and vomit. If you didn’t vomit you should feel guilt about not doing so.

      “If the missiles had remained we would have used them against the very heart of America including New York. We must never establish peaceful coexistence. In this struggle to the death between two systems we must gain the ultimate victory. We must walk the path of liberation even if it costs millions of atomic victims.”

      Che Guevara

      • internet name

        I live in South Florida, and the next time I see one of the millions of Cuban refugees here, I’ll confirm with them how that ‘ol communism is working out, and I’ll ask what a Cuban thinks of Che Guevara, that bourgeois, privileged Argentinian Irish interloping son of a bitch.

        I’ll be sure to refer to him by his real name – Mr. Lynch!

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