Daily Archives: March 7, 2011


It’s funny, not just regarding this week’s Dustinland, but all my comics, every time I post an entry here, I feel like I’m trying to counter any complaints about my comic that will appear online before they do. Clearly it’s impossible to do that, since there will always be something about my—or anyone’s—work to bitch about, plus most people just check the comic without coming here before they post their nasty comments about how stupid I am.

But anyway, just in case you couldn’t get it from the comic, I do not want to be, nor do I wish others to be rude, inconsiderate assholes who go about their lives doing as they please because they feel no responsibility toward others. This comic was merely pointing out how fun and carefree it would be to not care about anything but only within the confines of a fantasy world where it isn’t necessary to have considerations for an entire world full of people and other lifeforms need to coexist in relative peace and harmony. That’s why the comic ends with me on my own little island.

Not sure what other complaints people will have about this one but there probably won’t be too many since this one has a lot of words which means nobody will read it on the internet. TLDR.

Oh also, Birdy is quoting Nietzsche this week. Seems appropriate.